13 Homemade Alternatives To Decadent Starbucks Drinks

1. Homemade Salted Caramel Mocha

This mind-blowing creation has a delicious salty twist, and you can enjoy it without the artificial syrups. You can even make your own caramel. If you love sweet and salty combos, this will be your new favorite drink, iced or hot. Basically tastes like drinking a melted salty Twix bar, which is all of our cravings wrapped up in one. Take that, boring caramel latte.


2. Maple Cinnamon Latte

This drink makes me think of autumn leaves and the sweet nectar of Vermont trees. Using real maple syrup will result in a smooth drink that is more sophisticated than caramel and has the seasonal spiciness of cinnamon. Add cinnamon sticks for extra freshness.

3. Cotton Candy Coffee

3. Cotton Candy Coffee


If you have an extreme sweet tooth, and an affinity for candy, this cotton candy coffee will satisfy all your grown up dessert-for-breakfast fantasies. With the added jolt of espresso, this drink is unforgettable, and beautiful to make, pouring hot coffee over melting cotton candy.

4. Raspberry Coffee Frappe

This tastes like the most indulgent raspberry truffles, with the addition of coffee ice cream and raspberry syrup. The strong coffee cuts the fruity sweetness perfectly, and is irresistible with dark chocolate shavings on top and whipped cream.


5. Peanut Butter Banana Coffee Milkshake

This filling coffee doubles as a breakfast and even a nutritious pre-workout meal. You’ll feel a jolt from protein, potassium, and the caffeine in this liquid meal. Swtich out the vanilla ice cream with frozen yogurt or flavored greek yogurt and blend it up.

6. Hot Buttered Toffee Coffee

This is especially tasty in the warmer months. Butterscotch topping, English toffee, and almond liqueur make this taste more like a chocolate bar than a coffee drink. Except it doesn’t have any of the toxic chemicals that fill syrups with preservatives. Also, adding butter to your coffee energizes you and is high in antioxidants.

7. Gingerbread Spice Latte

You can make this recipe healthier with almond milk and stevia instead of whole milk and sugar. This drink is spiced perfectly and balances well with steamed milk, tasting like grandma’s fresh baked cookies. Molasses adds an amazing depth to this dreamy concoction.


8. Chocolate Cherry Jubilee Frappe

This almost tastes like a cherry milkshake, and it won’t do too much damage to your waist line. Adding coconut milk gives it a tasty twist, and using real frozen cherries as opposed to an unappetizing artificial imitation, and is highly addictive.

9. Vegan Hazelnut Macchiato

Hazelnut always adds an incomparable flavor to coffee, whether it’s in a creamer or syrup, and Starbucks makes a famous one. But this vegan version sure stands up to it! Chocolate hazelnut butter and almond milk give the drink a nutty flavor, and the soaked dates make it taste exotic and naturally sweet.

10. S’mores Iced Coffee

S’mores are pretty hard to resist, but they’re also messy and pretty inappropriate to eat at a lot of occasions. But hide your guilty pleasure in an iced coffee and still reap all the marshmallow and chocolate goodness. With graham cracker bits sprinkled on top, it’ll be hard not to make this every day.

11. Cool Whip Frozen Coffee

Bet you’ve never heard of this creative coffee recipe before, and it’s incredible easy to make, with only three ingredients, all throw in a blender and topped off with rich cool whip. Add coffee liqueur for a party-pleaser or a cozy night by the fire.

12. Mocha Coconut Iced Coffee

This coco-mocha combination is one that has us swooning. With cold, full fat coconut milk, toasted coconut, and vanilla extract, this coffee tastes like a day in the tropics. It is worthy of whipping out to impress folks at brunch.

13. Nutella Latte

The most effort that this takes is throwing some dollops of Nutella and milk in a small saucepan – it takes the concept of a mocha to the next level. Nutella makes everything so much better.