16 Fantastic Desserts That Could Be Created Only by an Architect

You would never think that you can combine geometry and pastry as they have nothing in common. However, a Ukrainian pastry chef who just happens to be an architect has decided to use her skills to make the cakes you have never seen before. Dinara Kasko, the creator of these impossible desserts, has made the first series of desserts for the pastry magazine – SoGood. She was surprised to see her desserts on the cover of the magazine.



Dinara spends a lot of time thinking through the concept for her geometric desserts. She uses the wide range of tools including custom made silicone moulds to suit her unique ideas. She has an Instagram page, YouTube channel and shares her new creations and recipes on her website.

The creator combines different geometrical shapes like triangles, squares and spheres to design fascinating desserts. The first time you see the masterpiece it looks very unreal and it is just unbelievable that you can actually eat it. The shape as well the texture creates great visual satisfaction.



The ingredients for the masterpieces include mousse, caramelized white chocolate, blueberry confit, blackcurrant confit, chocolate sponge cake with redcurrant, berry glaze, meringue, strawberry confit, roasted rhubarb, yoghurt foam with cream, raspberry jelly with kappa, sponge cake, fresh fruit, crispy chocolate and chocolate, of course.

Dinara likes to experiment with new creative ideas to create something interesting. The photography is a very important part of the presentation. Rather like a drawing where harmony, proportions, symmetry and style come together to form the end result. Sometimes it takes several tries to make a perfect creation.



The desserts featured on the cover in SoGood magazine used such geometric constructing principles as triangulation, the Voronoi diagram and biomimicry. To recreate her idea she used 3D modeling to print the cast for the silicone mould. Her desserts contain elements of nature like patterns and textures to reflect real life.

Some desserts are so complicated that is completely impossible to get more than one sample. However, in real life it looks fantastic. Have you ever heard of chocolate made to look like a rustic metal? Desserts which look like concrete or metal will leave you guessing for some time. The secret lies in sharp edges and lack of decor, food in real life is of course smooth and appealing.

Some of the desserts you can actually order! And if you want to create one of them yourself you can order the mould from the website and look up the accompanying recipes. It might not be cheap but you can treat yourself and your friends with a quirky dessert anytime.



These recipes look like food that you expect to see in the future. The shapes don’t look like any modern food. Who knows, maybe in the future all food will be geometric and real grown food will be luxury!

The use of 3D design and geometry makes the designs truly unique. Perfectly spherical strawberry delights or square chocolate wonders will impress any perfectionist. The desserts go beyond culinary art and bring science to the table.