16 Stunning Rainbow Desserts You Can Make at Home

1. Rainbow Fudge
1. Rainbow FudgeA candy colored outside gives way to a decadent, chocolatey inside. These are super rich, so be sure to share them with friends.



2. Rainbow Checkerboard Cake
2 Rainbow Checkerboard CakeIt looks impossible, but any amateur baker can do it. Find out how to get these seemingly miraculous patterns inside your cake.

3. Layered Rainbow Cake
3. Layered Rainbow CakeAmazing for a kid’s birthday party, or for an adult’s! Super vibrant and simple to make from scratch.



4. Rainbow Pudding
4. Rainbow PuddingWe’ve seen rainbow jello before, but the creaminess of multi-hued pudding is unbeatable. Swirling the pristine layers makes for a fun and beautiful treat.

5. Rainbow Cheesecake
5. Rainbow CheesecakeFinally, heavenly cheesecake gets a makeover that matches its decadent flavor instead of a boring outside. Revamp yours with pastels in this dreamy version.



6. Rainbow Ice Cream
6. Rainbow Ice CreamThis homemade version is way better than the version you’ve seen at ice cream shops, and the colors will look better in your version, without all that artificial stuff.

7. Rainbow Donuts
7. Rainbow DonutsThese aren’t cheating by being simply rainbow frosted. They’re actual rainbow pinwheels that look like jumbo fruit loops, and we approve.

8. Rainbow Waffles
8. Rainbow WafflesAs if waffles weren’t already exciting enough. Throw in some fresh fruits to match the bright hues for an unforgettable brunch-inspired dessert.



9. Rainbow Jello Eggs
9. Rainbow Jello EggsWe’ve seen jello before, but how do they get it into these amazing egg shapes? They look adorable arranged in a bowl with whipped cream.

10. Rainbow Pinata Cake
10. Rainbow Pinata CakeThis cake hides an unexpected secret in the middle – cut it open for a sweet surprise that will pour out and feel like Halloween. Candy and cake? Yes please.

11. Rainbow Peppermint Patties
11. Rainbow Peppermint PattiesTransform your classic peppermint patties into a creative, technicolor masterpiece, with rich stripes of color hiding inside a chocolate shell. A great gift.



12. Rainbow Cake Pops
12. Rainbow Cake PopsThese aren’t your average cake pops. Besides the beautiful rainbow blend, they’re hiding inside a cone, topped with a dollop of frosting that looks like ice cream, until you bite into it’s cakey, breathtaking center.

13. Rainbow Challah Bread
13. Rainbow Challah BreadThe way these colors blend together in this classically braided bread is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Consider sprinkling on powdered sugar and sliced strawberries.

14. Rainbow Cake In A Jar
14. Rainbow Cake In A JarThis pretty and fun treat is a perfect for an on-the-go dessert. Portable cake is the best cake, because you can never really have enough. Also, your guests will enjoy this way more than a candle.



15. Rainbow Meringue Cookies AKA Unicorn Farts
15. Rainbow Meringue Cookies AKA Unicorn FartsMeringues are so delicately delicious that they deserve to look as elegant as the dessert they are. These mini kisses have a silly name that don’t sound too appetizing, but they’re highly addictive.

16. Rainbow Rice Crispies
16. Rainbow Rice CrispiesThese are easy to make and look like a dessert the Flinstones would eat. We’ve seen versions before with sprinkles, but these hypnotizing shades pair perfectly with the gooey marshmallow indulgence. You can play around with flavoring them with different fruits to take it up a notch. They’re bake sale gold.