17 Tasty & Healthy Pizzas You’re Missing Out On

17 Tasty & Healthy Pizzas You're Missing Out On 1
We can all agree: pizza is an indulgence that is impossible to give up. And there’s no need to. Trick your taste buds with these alternatives that are more than half the calories but taste just as decadent. They’re easy to make at home, which lets you take on more wholesome, organic options, and will also make your wallet happier. Pay attention to what you’re putting in your body and feel better with these mouthwatering healthy pizza recipes.



1. A white pie with arugula, mushrooms, and sweet potato is a hearty way to bring in the colder months. The flavors are so earthy, you’ll forget that you’re not eating a meat pie. Drizzle with a bit of olive oil and add some thyme for an autumn favorite.

2. Pizza margherita with roasted veggies – veggies fill you up but are vibrant and full of flavor. Pile a whole wheat pie with red onion, spinach, zucchini, and red peppers.


3. Pizza with caramelized onion olives and feta. A fancy thing to serve – far from ordinary and gourmet for vegetarians. Caramelizing the onions and fennel enhances the flavor and adds sweetness, which is balanced out by salty olives.

17 Tasty & Healthy Pizzas You're Missing Out On 2
4. If you’re looking for a healthier protein alternative to the normal meaty options like pepperoni, shrimp is a great option. Add spinach, which will give you your daily iron, calcium, and fiber, along with a basil and parmesan topping.


5. Ricotta, wilted green, and toasted almonds make for a classy pie that would be great on a whole wheat toast. You can even eat it before a workout, with all the protein that it packs. Choose nutritious greens, such as kale, and for even more protein and unbeatable flavor, add soy chorizo.


6. Goat cheese, pear and maple pizza – Sweet and savory, with melt in your mouth gooey-ness. Add hemp seeds for an irresistible crunch. Kind of like a dessert pizza, but healthier. You can even have this one for breakfast!

7. Breakfast pizza with egg, low-fat cheese, and veggies on it. Kind of like a breakfast tortilla meets frittata.


8. Everything but the kitchen sink pizza – people already eat salad and pizza together, so why not jut throw your salad onto a pizza pie canvas? If you melt it with little low-fat goat cheese, this Mediterranean recipe will become a weeknight favorite.

17 Tasty & Healthy Pizzas You're Missing Out On 3
9. Polenta mini pies – polenta is a creamy but healthy and low calorie food that tastes unexpectedly decadent. Instead of tomato sauce, add pesto and mozzarella with a few vegetables and you’ll have this take on an Italian arepa.


10. BBQ sauce, goat cheese, and pineapple – this makes for a killer healthy pizza. The combination of sweet, creamy, and tangy will have you going for seconds. Goat cheese is a lot better for you than cow’s milk, and pineapple can strengthen bones, reduce stress, and improve your immune system.

11. Mac & cheese inspired pizza – put a low-fat cheesy, queso-type blend with part-skim mozzarella and toss on broccoli for this kids dinner inspired meal. It tastes delicious and is a good way for your kids to get their veggies in as well.


12. Tex Mex pizza – mix in some pepper jack with your part-skim mozzarella, and add sliced avocado, salsa, cilantro, and beans drizzled with tofu sour cream for an unforgettable crossover cuisine experience.

17 Tasty & Healthy Pizzas You're Missing Out On 4
13. Goat cheese with asparagus and sun-dried tomato – the sharp flavors of the tomatoes mixed with the crunch of asparagus is the perfect combination to sit atop subtle and creamy goat cheese. A restaurant worthy recipe.


14. Fig and parmesan pizza – add rosemary and you have the perfect base for a romantic wine night. The sweet and salty combo never fails, especially with delicious figs – try grilling them to bring out the sweetness.

15. Lemon and part-skim smoked mozzarella – the intense and unusual flavor of this dish is perfect to serve flat-bread style to guests. It’s an unexpectedly refreshing snack for all seasons.


16. Mediterranean pizza – the surprising base for this pizza isn’t cheese – its hummus. Top with sliced carrots, zucchini and roasted garlic. You can drizzle olive oil on top and sprinkle a little hot pepper to add texture and flavor to this pie as well.


17. BBQ chicken with tomato chutney – it’s a unique twist on BBQ pizza that will leave your heart and the rest of your body feeling grateful and energized. Tomato has the antioxidant powerhouse lycopene, and chicken is a healthier alternative to red meat. Top with parmesan.