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7 reasons why you should visit Greece this year


7 reasons why you should visit Greece this yearIt’s fall already and you have your last chance to go for a perfect vacation – sunny blue skies, warm sea, cold cocktails and golden beach – all these you can find in Greece!
It’s always difficult when it comes to choosing the right travel destination, as you have to take into consideration all the aspects and conditions, and not to be disappointed later.
My job today is to make you fall in love with Greece, to convince you to visit one of the most sunny, historically significant and friendly countries on the planet!
The main virtue of Greece is its diversity. Every travel junkie will find something to his taste, whether you are a wine lover or a shop addict, a history nerd or a party animal, a rolling stone or a couch potato.



Here my reasons for you to travel to Greece this year



1. The foodGreece 1 the foodIt’s simply indescribable. It combines all the best that can be found in the Mediterranean countries. Being in Greece, you are obliged to taste Greek honey, butter, cheese and olive oil of course. By the way, vegans, rejoice! Greece is a food paradise for vegetarians – a great variety of fresh legumes, beans, grains, salads, etc. will make you drool. You may say you have the same in your country, but the fresh legumes and fruits found in Greece are way richer and sweeter in taste. The wines of Greece are varied ranging from dry reds and whites and sweet wines too. If you are adventuresome and want to try a real “Greek thing” in wine, try Retsina. It’s wine preserved with Pine resin and has been made for over 2,000 years. You’ll also fine tasty modern wines like Cabs, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnays etc. Some vintages from selected vineyards are exceptional. Forget about your diet and try the most delicious desserts – baklava, kataïfi, or a “pasta”. It’s an orgasm on a plate!



2. The peopleGreece 2. the peopleThe people in Greece are super fun. And passionate. And slow – they take their time to adore the moments of life. Also, everywhere you go you’ll meet friendly, polite, quick and most importantly, unobtrusive service.



3. The climateGreece 3. the climateChoosing a proper time to visit Greece, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the four seasons, as it is a very sunny country – the sun shines three hundred days a year. Therefore rooftops in Greece are equipped with solar panels and silver cans to heat water. Plus, it’s not too humid, so the heat is quite bearable, it is always fresh, not stuffy at night. Sleep naked, just under a light sheet.




4. The viewsGreece 4. the viewsGreece stuns its guests with the beauty of nature. The crystal-clear sea – by the way, there are 4! seas in Greece (Ionian Sea, the Mediterranean, the Aegean and Libyan). Rugged mountains, sunny sea, tranquil beaches, rolling hills of white houses and olive groves all in the same landscape. It is so fabulous and it seems to make the place look even surreal!



5. The beachesGreece 5. the beachesGreece is ranks in tenth place in the world with the most coastline stretching almost 15,000 km. The best beaches are on the islands. If you have time I would encourage you to visit as many islands as you can. Some have crystal blue waters, others soft white sand or turquoise coastline. In Greece, there are more than 1,400 islands – and each one is beautiful in its own way. For example, the island of Corfu, where you have a real opportunity to soak up the sun along with the oligarchs from around the world, the island of Mykonos, where you can revel in the glorious youth discos, the paradise island of Rhodes, rustic tranquility of Crete. And my personal favorite is the island of Ikaria. It is named for Ikarus, a mythological character who flew too close to the sun. His wings, held together with wax, melted and it’s believed that the island of Ikaria is the spot where Ikarus plunged into the sea creating the island – love that mythology!



6. The historyGreece 6. the historyYou will find an infinite number of historical monuments in Greece. There are still archeological excavations. So if you meet enclosed grounds on your way – be sure this is another historic discovery. Greece is the leading country having the greatest number of archaeological museums in the world. Even the Greek coastal waters hide old wooden ships, ancient clay amphorae and the Second World War of steel vessels.


Of special note are the great variety of historical sites gathered in Athens the capital of Greece. Even the underground is trimmed with monuments! It is impossible to imagine Athens without the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Agora, which we know from our school textbooks of ancient history.



7. The pricesGreece 7. the pricesGreece is incredibly affordable, especially if you plan your trip during the spring or fall seasons. It is Europe, but you will feel the tangible difference compared to other Mediterranean countries.