8 Creative Pinterest-Perfect Snacks For A Halloween Party

Finding the right Halloween snack for a get-together that isn’t cliché can seem like a daunting or time-consuming task. Lucky for you, we found some recipes that are fast and easy but look like they took hours to put together. From the cute to the goosebump-inducing, there’s something for everyone in this mouthwatering compilation.



1. Halloweeño Jalapeño Popper Mummies
Who can say no to jalapeno poppers? And wrapped in this adorably creepy mummy package, they’re even harder to resist (especially with those googly eyes) Spicy, gooey goodness, in a spooky form.

2. Graveyard taco dip
This creative recipe will be a hit at parties – who thinks of spook-ifying taco dip into a graveyard? Such a simple idea that can be garnished with different variations like tombstone custom effects and more.

3. Mini Mice Cakes
These white mice are pretty realistic, and they’re basically cake pops with a red velvet filling. Bloody rodent goodness! All you need is a simple mice mold that the author links you to, and you can play with the way each tail curls, and put them on your shoulders to freak guests out.

4. Halloween Pretzels 3 Ways
Nothing more delicious than sweet-and-savory dipped pretzels, and these Halloween themed ones make them even more vibrant. Orange pumpkin pretzels hang out with wrapped up mummies and blank-eyed zombies. And they only involve a few ingredients!

5. 3 Ingredient Rice Krispie Treat Mummies
Rice Krispie treats are always delicious, and these wrapped up mummy bars will be nommed on by every guest. Two simple dots and a dripping effect with the icing make for a marshmallow-white chocolate sugar coma that we’re willing to risk

6. All-Natural Zombie Brain Cupcakes
These pink cupcakes are the perfect combination of cute and gross. You get a brain frosting tutorial and they’re healthy to boot, made with beets to get that lovely pink hue. With a pumpkin spice flavor and cream cheese frosting, you’ll be trying not to gobble these down for breakfast.

7. Poison Apples
Forget candy apples and caramel apples, these are a darker and more striking kind that Maleficent would be proud of. With a rustic twig in lieu of a stick, and a lovely deep hue, these villain-inspired apples will be the hit of your party.

8. Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Treats
We know there’s already a rice krispie recipe on this list, but this pumpkin take on it is so damn cute that we needed to include it. Look at that Hershey chocolate stem! Simple, yet brilliant.