9 Breathtaking AirBnBs In Portugal

9 Breathtaking AirBnBs In Portugalhttps://www.airbnb.com/rooms/576450?s=DGDm

Casa Banana, in Ponta Delgada is an unexpected joy. This bright and vibrant house is painted several colors, and will make for some unforgettable photographs. At just $46, this one-of-a-kind cabin is painted a plethora of colors, both inside and out. It’s surrounded by a lovely garden, on hilly land, and there’s a dreamy swing to watch the ocean from. It is close to the Ferraria hot spring. The cabin manages to be like a fantasy, but also close enough to society in case you want to be a little less in touch with nature.



9 Breathtaking AirBnBs In Portugal 1https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/93545?s=ACP3

This pixie hut is rustic, but adorable and well-designed on the inside. Great for your first eco-dwelling experience, made with lime, reed and thatch. The cabin has functional simplicity and a charming design. A lovely canopy covers the bed in the simple but attractive interior. There are outdoor sinks if you feel like brushing your teeth or washing your face outside in the beautiful Portuguese weather rather than in the house. It also features a view of nature reserves to the north, and a kundalini pathway.

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A rural cob garden cottage in Reliquias offers a rare experience. This little earth home isn’t super glamorous but it’s as beautiful and romantic as a rustic vacation gets. It’s set in a field of flowers, fruit trees, and bird songs. It offers a unique level of tranquility, and you enter it through a young fruit tree forest. This place is like a fairy tale, and for just 30 bucks a night, you can experience Portugal in its purest form, for an unbelievable price.



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This two floor mansion features gorgeously designed bathrooms, with painted tiles and hydro-massage in the shower, as well as a solid music system and underfloor heating. It’s well equipped for a party, or just a get together. 1 km away, there’s a magnificent beach called Azenhas Do Mar, which has its own natural salt water pool inside the beach.

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This beach villa in Cascais is a great place to go if you have kids – it features a private playground, as well as a swimming pool and your own tennis facilities. Its view overlooks the Guia Lighthouse, as well as a peaceful overlook to the Atlantic by the swimming pool. It’s like a more private version of a resort, with a very pretty garden. Just 5 minutes away is Casa de Guia, an old period house. This place is good for those who are more into relaxing than roughing it, it due to the spa-like amenities.



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This house in Madeira has a balcony that’s very close to the ocean, with a mountainside view as well an enclosed beach surrounded by a garden. It’s a luxurious open space style apartment surrounded by sea cliffs. It’s a haven away from the bustle and stress of the modern world, and both the garden and surrounding views are incredible. The village that it’s in is covered in cobblestones, and is very charming. Also, the house overlooks 3 of the best surfing spots in the world.

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This home in Sintra is a perfect romantic getaway, especially for a honeymoon. A romantic, twisted tree makes for a picturesque entrance to the place. Come with your love to this Alentejo style cottage with a uniquely modern and stylish interior. It’s an unimposing b&b, with breakfast provided in the house, but for you to serve yourself, on your own time. It’s a carefully created home, where you can also get your nature fix in.



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Casa Jasmin is a spectacular two-level house, featuring bamboo ceilings, terracotta floors, and stone walls, renovated in an extremely pretty way. The scenery is super unique, with a grand view over the Algarve coastal line. It overlooks nearby foliage and the cities of Lagos and Portimao. the outdoor terrace with a roof has lush greenery and flowers surrounding it, with the magnificent view that will make it hard to leave.



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The Garba Blue villa in the Faro District is not to be missed when you’re booking for an event. It can accommodate up to 11 and is located above Luz beach. It features stunning views of the sea and has a private pool terrace and a barbecue area. It’s close to premium golf courses and is on one of the most gorgeous sandy beaches in the world. A good idea for a group of friends to get together or for a large family reunion.