Amazing And Adventurous Female Travelers You Need To Follow on Instagram or Wanderlust

Sometimes we need an outlet for our wanderlust itch, and can’t always jet off to the next island in the Philippines. Because a real job and stability are less risky than traveling on a whim, right? Wrong. A lot of these ladies were young professionals who made the switch from corporate to nomadic lifestyle, and have never been happier. So next time you’re staring out that rainy office window on a too-long Friday morning, look at these badass wandering babes’ accounts for inspiration on what your next move could be.



A self-proclaimed travel addict, Kristin started Be My Travel Muse after quitting her investment banker job in Souther California, and selling all of her belongings in 2012. Now, she travels the world solo, looking for off the beaten paths, and has definitely awakened our wanderlust.
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This lovely blogger is known for shots that highlight her flowing blond hair – her award-winning blog highlights travel tips and photography from around the world. She’s been to over 50 countries and aims to inspire those who live a traditional lifestyle to break free, like she did.
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On her Instagram she’s dubbed herself with a pretty badass name: “professional free diving spearfisherwoman”. We can get on board with that! As a child she grew up off the grid in an isolated part of Maui (we get why she has a thing for traveling) and discovered her passion for free diving and doing it all over the world. Oh, and she’s also a United States National Spearfishing Champion.
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Elise’s photos will leave you picking your jaw up off the floor. She’s passionate about sustainability and environmental protection, as well as having an itch for mountain sports. She photographs during her adventures to share the beauty of the world with those who can’t access it.
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This Hawaiian babe who’s in love with the outdoors has over 140k followers, and for good reason. Chelsea Yamase is a model, surfer, mountaineer, and more. Her dreamy hiking and mountaintop shots both look like they should be on the cover of a magazine, and will make you want to head to the gym so you can up your mountain-climbing capabilities and look that fly while doing it.
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Ruby is a little out there for some people, but no one can deny her beauty and zen power. The spiritual blogger is often pictured meditating in a landscape that will leave you breathless, looking like some bizarre warrior princess. We dig.
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Rachel Moore’s exciting voyages take her climbing and diving all over the world – her adventures in Agape look like something out of a fantasy, and her deep sea shots with Mother Nature are just as surreal. From cuddling with tigers to modeling for Free People in the middle of a desert, this IG makes us very jealous.
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Lucy Laught is a digital content specialist photographer with an itch for wandering which she shares with her 163k followers. 8 years ago, she left England to explore over 30 countries, and her IG shots look like a still from National Geographic.
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This adventuress goes on some scary hikes at dizzying heights that we’re not sure we’re ready to take on yet… but she gives us hope and courage! Rather than showing off her body in bikinis on beautiful beaches, this active lady is more often bundled up with a backpack on a snowy mountain, or sitting on this precariously narrow bridge, just chilling.
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Brook Sawaard’s barefoot mountain shots in Italy make us feel like we’re in a black and white Rosselini movie back in the day. She makes it look so glamorous, but also shows her fans how to have a good time on a budget (judging by the fact that there are 413k of them, they appreciate it). Planning honeymoon in Italy…starting…now.
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Don’t let the girly title of this handle fool you – Rachel Jones is a fearless nomad currently living Goa, India, who also works for Bravo TV (now the handle makes more sense.) Her camel, desert, and ruin filled shots will make anyone want to jump on the next plane, and her combo of dirty hippie and feminine style are an interesting and relatable dynamic.
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Kimi Juan’s ethereal beach shots are easy to fall in love with – the sandy pastel landscapes which are occasionally dotted with her slender and picturesque body are magnificent. The landscape looks majestic and vast, while the human inclusion seems mainly to show us how small we are in this big and beautiful world.
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Jessica is the ultimate traveler babe, with the wise mantra on her IG, “not all those who wander are lost”. Hailing originally from Sydney and with a whopping 2.2 million followers, this hottie adds her lithe self to impeccable nature shots that are so perfect, they almost look Photoshopped. Nope, just the power of a gorgeous woman in a gorgeous land.
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