Amazing Cakes Created by “The Happiest Man on Earth”

Forget about your New Year’s weight loss resolution right now, because it’s time to enjoy a new tasty piece of art. Cakes! It doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or not, because these cakes will leave you speechless. These are not just cakes that taste amazing, these are real art objects that are hard to take your eyes off of.

The creator of these cakes is an unusual and interesting person. Renat is not just a baker that started from nothing, he’s a Russian boxing champion. And now he’s also a champion of Russian pastry. Moreover, the guy is a commercial director of «Fili-Baker» and the founder of a unique school on confectionery skills.

Renat spent his first money on a kitchen mixer. He made his first cake when he was 7 years old, and at 10 he cooked his first home made bread. Since then he fell in love with baking. He decided to follow his passion and study at Sochi culinary college after school.

Throughout his career Renat has made about 2700 cakes each of them is unique and the designs don’t repeat. Now that’s a strong imagination! He uses chocolate velour for nearly all of his cakes. He tries to make his cakes taste as like homemade as possible, so the person who tries them the first time is usually shocked twice: first by the design and then by the unbelievable taste.

His favorite ingredient is chocolate. By the way, Renat doesn’t have a huge collection of cookbooks, and he doesn’t actually have secret recipes to hide from everyone. His ideas are often spontaneous. Each recipe he develops and the whole developmental technique is based on the theoretical knowledge of baking processes (physical and chemical as well). He even has his own laboratory for testing. Renat never stops experimenting!

The boxer-baker believes that with simple ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, nuts and fruits anyone can create absolutely different and truly unique masterpieces, incorporating design and flavor. The artist claims that a good baker shouldn’t focus on the same recipes and needs to try something new and fresh every day.

As for the design, Renat is a perfectionist and he thinks that a cake should look as subtle as possible. It should include no more than 3 colors that harmonize perfectly. Each of his cakes is smooth, symmetrical and accurate. Crooked cakes are unacceptable.

The guy is more than popular on Instagram and has got over 830 000 followers! This is actually not so surprising because his works are unbelievable. Just check the latests photos by “the happiest man on Earth” – as he fondly refers to himself – right here