Amazing Fairytale Grass Roofs of Scandinavia

You could be thinking that this is a shot from a movie, or some photoshopped wonderland. Nope, this is a very real house, and a lot of them exist! It’s composed of a mix of birch bark and grass covered turf which creates a vibrant juxtaposition with surrounding nature.

Green roofs might not be a thing in America, but in Iceland, Norway, and most of Scandinavia, there are annual competitions where folks design a green roof. There’s even a Scandinavian Green Roof Association. Very official. It turns a house into a surreal and stunning fantasy, and also provides benefits that will surprise you!

These lush and lovely green roofs provides insulation and absorb rainwater, which therefore maintains regular temperatures within, and lowers costs of air conditioning, and heating. Cheaper bills? Yes, please!

They also provide environmental benefits – they reduce heat island effect, pollution, and they generally improve the air quality by filtering noxious gases. They’re also more fire retardant.

These roofs were quite popular during the Viking and Middle Ages, before industrial materials came into play. Along with all these listed benefits, the proliferation of these green roofs in Scandinavian countries has also created a whole new job market! Wouldn’t it be nice to leave your day job and get paid for planting gardens on top of hobbit houses?

Apparently they’re also soundproof, and increase biodiversity! Not sure why this dreamy trend hasn’t taken over the world yet – when has something so gorgeous ever provided so many benefits to Mother Nature and our world?

If you don’t care about Mother Nature, a world of green roofs would better humans mentally and physically, since exposure to nature is proven to do so. It would create a sense of community, and lessen the aggressive attitudes that so much messed up stuff in our world has bred. A happier and more relaxed world? We’re in.

And from a design perspective, it’s a magical, rustic alternative to modern materials and boring contemporary designs.

We are ready for a bearded, eco-friendly lumberjack to throw us over his shoulder and make us his wife in his matching bearded, eco-friendly house.

A house that takes care of itself. And provides such a startlingly beautiful fairytale aesthetics?
Sign us up for this Lord of the Rings alternate reality, we’re packing our bags for some Nordic adventures!