Blue Wine Is Now A Thing, So Put Down The Chardonnay

Are you more of a red gal, or a white? Maybe you prefer rose, an elegant and happy medium between the two. We’ve all seen neon cocktails come or twice, but wine has always been somewhat predictable. Well, not anymore. Because blue wine now exists This baby looks like something out of “The Fifth Element”, but it’s no fantasy. All you open-minded winos get ready to have your minds blown.



1. Spanish start-up Gik Live collaborated with University of the Basque Country and Food Tech research team, spending years perfecting the right blend of white and red grapes from different regions of Spain, and enhanced with anthocyanin pigments (found in grape skin), and organic indigo.
blue-wine-is-now-a-thing-so-put-down-the-chardonnay-00 blue-wine-is-now-a-thing-so-put-down-the-chardonnay-01 blue-wine-is-now-a-thing-so-put-down-the-chardonnay-02

2. So this blue concoction is called wine, but also doesn’t sound like wine at all. The Spanish inventors themselves tell the consumer to forget everything that they thought they knew about wine. The drink has no sugar, but a calorie-free alternative, nor is it aged.

3. Also, the suggested pairings are, well, much more random than your conventional suggested wine pairings – such as smoked salmon, guacamole, sushi, and greek flavors. We are skeptical, but also super interested in tasting it.
blue-wine-is-now-a-thing-so-put-down-the-chardonnay-04 blue-wine-is-now-a-thing-so-put-down-the-chardonnay-05

4. The inventors seem very invested in the idea that this wine is ground-breaking, and “reinventing traditions”, taking something traditionally red and making it blue. The creators also bring up the century old representation of “liquid which represents the blood of Christ at church”. These guys are looking to bring liquor into the age of science and modernity, and we like their thinking.

5. Even if the wine does have some deeper meaning and integrity behind it, it could also potentially make us feel like we are drinking toilet cleaner spritzers.
blue-wine-is-now-a-thing-so-put-down-the-chardonnay-07 blue-wine-is-now-a-thing-so-put-down-the-chardonnay-08

6. It’s predicted this will do well with millennials, especially since it was made by a group of 20 something year olds!. Rightt now, it’s only available in Spain, but will likely catch on in other countries soon after.

7. Well, either way, this product is definitely going to blow up the wine industry. It’s available at the affordable price of 11 bucks a bottle, with a nice 11/5% of alcohol. The creators aim to make “real wine for real people”, not sell some elite fantasy to rich wine snobs. Pre-order a bottle for 16 buck here.
blue-wine-is-now-a-thing-so-put-down-the-chardonnay-10 blue-wine-is-now-a-thing-so-put-down-the-chardonnay-11