Boozy Fall Drinks Recipes To Try

Staying warm with the perfectly boozy, hot and preferably sweet beverage as the weather gets chilly is absolutely vital. And why venture out and pay 20 bucks for a drink when you could easily make your own from the comfort of your robe and slippers? Sip on one of these seasonal treats and you won’t regret it.



1. Caramel Apple Sangria
Remember the childhood favorite of caramel apples? Now you can have that delicious, nostalgic flavor, and get drunk while doing it! This sangria interpretation tastes like autumn and is perfect served in a punch bowl.



2. Drunken Pumpkin Latte
Say goodbye to pumpkin spice lattes, because this boozy baby is about to warm you up over the cooler months. Ground cinnamon and Rumchata mix with coffee and pumpkin pie vodka for an unforgettable seasonal take on Irish coffee.

3. Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash
This is a subtle and elegant drink for everyone who enjoys the bubbly. And who doesn’t? Rich thyme pairs with sweet plum for a delightful carbonated snack that looks so pretty with green springs and plum slices. Start your day off right with this tasty brunch drink.

4. Pumpkin Spice Cake Martini
Pumpkin lovers, rejoice! Pull this drink out for Halloween, Thanksgiving and everything in between. Play around with milk subs like coconut and almond – this is a simple recipe that still packs a punch.



5. Snickerdoodle Chai Tea Latte
This cocktail merges your favorite cookie flavor with the comforting taste of chai in a hot fall cocktail that will warm you from the inside out. Replace boring old hot toddies with this decadent and cozy concoction.

6. Leftover Pecan Pie Bourbon Shake
If you’ve ever wanted to drink pecan pie, this is probably the closest that you’ll get. The rich, nutty flavor pairs perfectly with bourbon and a creamy texture. It literally involves throwing pieces of pecan pie into a blender with milk and ice, and we feel this coming on as a midnight snack for sure.

7. Virgil Kaine Fig and Ginger Bourbon Fizz
This fizzy drink will definitely wake you up with a freshly grated ginger zinger that balances out the natural sweetness of the bourbon. Fig adds a yummy but not too fruity depth. Not to mention, it makes an adorable garnish on the side of a glass instead of a lemon slice.



8. Vanilla, Pear, and Vodka Cocktail
Fall’s version of a mint julep, perhaps? Cocktails with pair always taste like fall, and the vanilla infusion makes this even more of a comfort beverage. Using vanilla fresh from the pod adds extra kick to this aperitif.

9. Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots
Ok, maybe this is cheating because it’s not actually a cocktail, but it’s a grown-up jello shot in the shape of pecan pie, complete with whipped cream…how could we resist? Look at them cutting mini jello slices of pecan-pie with graham cracker crust! Pinterest perfect.