Cassandra De Pecol Will Be The First Woman To Visit Every Country On Earth

We all dream to travel the world, but Cassandra De Pecol is actually making that dream a reality. Cassandra is from Connecticut and she’s only 27, but guess how many countries she’s been too? She started traveling in July of 2015 and so far she’s been to 181 countries! That’s more than most of us will ever see in a lifetime. But she’s not stopping here. She’s on a mission to visit all the sovereign countries! Literally all of them. She’s named her journey “Expedition 196” and she’s traveling as Ambassador for Peace with the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism.

So far this amazing lady is on the verge of breaking the Guinness World Record for the person to travel the fastest to all the Sovereign states on the planet. She’s only got 11 countries to go and she has more than a month to do it, so it looks like she’s actually going to break that record.

Aside from that she’s the first documented female and youngest American to travel the whole world. That sounds incredible, but also quite expensive. How is Cassandra doing this? Well, she’s not paying for this out of her pocket. The traveling is covered by sponsors, plus, she uses her Instagram as a means of advertising in exchange for accommodation.

Ever since high school Cassandra wanted to visit every country in the world, learn more about their culture, natural environment and religion. She’s made it her task to travel to all the countries, learn more about the world, get out of her comfort zone.

Doing this much traveling sounds great, but it comes with a price. Cassandra doesn’t really get to stay in all the countries for long. She usually gets between 2 to 5 days per country, and being constantly on the move can definitely be physically and emotionally difficult. As you can imagine she has good days and bad days, but Cassandra believes that this journey is helping her build character and that ultimately it’s a great experience.

If you want to follow Cassandra on her travels you can do so on her Instagram. To learn more about her incredible journey go to Expedition196.