Delicious Fall Wedding Menu Ideas Everyone Will Love

Choosing a menu for your special day is one of the best parts of wedding planning. The food your serve can set the tone for the whole event. Think beyond an ordinary meat-and-salad combination and treat your beloved guests with hot spicy drinks, tasty pumpkin soup and seasonal vegetable appetizers.
Here are some autumn-themed inspirational ideas for your dream wedding that truly embrace the season:



1. Hot cocoa
Delight your guests with hot and sweet cocoa at this chilly time of the year.

2. Pumpkin soup
Warm up your menu with delicious pumpkin soup. You can use petite pumpkins instead of bowls.

3. Caramelized apples
Your guests, be it adults or kids, will be happy to treat themselves with this yummy dessert.

4. Bread with seeds
These luscious bread treats are healthy and tasty. Your guests will love it!

5. Herbal tea with honey
An aromatic cup of herbal tea with honey will make the perfect addition to your wedding menu.

6. Homemade pumpkin, apple or pumpkin-apple butter
Homemade punmpkin butter has all chances to become your guests favourite dainty. As an alternative to pumpkin you can choose apple, or pumpkin-apple butter. Add some sweet spices, and serve it with fresh biscuits or thin baguette slices.

7. Vegetable appetizers
Fall is a perfect season for getting the best vegetable appetizers on your buffet table.

8. Apple cider
To beat off chilly weather, treat your guests with a glass of warmed-up apple cider diluted with brandy or calvados.

9. Roasted corn
Think roasted corn is a simple choice for your wedding banquet? You may be right, however, the fire-roasted corn on the cob is a great way to impress and warm up your guests.

10. Pumpkin doughnuts
Be unique! Instead of a traditional wedding cake propose your guests to taste amazingly delicious honey-cinnamon cream-filled pumpkin doughnuts.