Destination: St. Patty’s Day – Cool Places To Celebrate the Green Holiday

St. Patty's Day – Cool Places To Celebrate the Green HolidayAll you need is the luck of the Irish, a shamrock, Guinness, a green outfit, a leprechaun’s pot of gold and a bunch of fine friends to spend St. Patrick’s Day, which is on March, 17th by the way. And you don’t have to live in Dublin actually to honor the patron saint of Ireland. This event celebrates all things Irish, with loads of fun, laughter, parades, pub crawls and of course Irish beer. So if you don’t have time to fly to Dublin for the real deal, there are plenty of places throwing vibrant festivals you can visit. Hope you’ll choose at list one of them and have a perfect getaway on St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patty's Day – Cool Places To Celebrate the Green HolidayLondon
Every year London hosts a St. Patrick’s Day Parade and this year is not an exception. Also you’ll get a great chance to experience Irish culture by visiting St. Paddy’s Festival in Trafalgar Square, which is full of Irish traditions, like comedy and film festivals, music and dance, an artisan food market and even entertaining activities for the youngsters. Your whole family can enjoy this event for free. Moreover, folks may order Europe’s greatest whiskeys and beers while swinging by authentic Irish-owned pubs and bars.

St. Patty's Day – Cool Places To Celebrate the Green HolidayNew York
The first St. Patrick’s Day Parade took place in 1762 and the tradition continues in New York with a vibrant march down 5th Avenue on March 17th. It is definitely something worth participating in. This massive event is known internationally so you can imagine how cool it is. Folks can have a great time visiting the many Irish pubs, eating a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner, tasting famous Irish green beer and other traditional treatments. Take part in walking tour of the former ‘Little Ireland’ district of the city or even try your hand at making some Irish-inspired crafts over in Central Park.

St. Patty's Day – Cool Places To Celebrate the Green HolidayDublin
If you are looking for an excuse to attend a 4-day festival just ahead of St. Paddy’s Day then Dublin’s the place to go! It’s natural that the Irish throw a week-long feast in his honor. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a better place to celebrate this holiday, than, well, in Ireland. It is the time when the whole world goes green and thinks green. You definitely have to take a piece of this crazy party, cause St Patrick’s Day in Dublin is unlike anywhere else in the world.

St. Patty's Day – Cool Places To Celebrate the Green HolidayChicago
Pub crawls, parades, festivals, Irish taverns are packed! Crowds are strolling the city joyfully and Chicago River mesmerizes with the magical shades of emerald green- there’s nothing like St Patrick’s Day in Chicago. By celebrating Irish culture and traditions people go green, and even houses are bathed in green light. But the dying of the river water still remains the most beloved ritual for many citizens of Chicago. Rest assured, there won’t be any shortage of ways to spend this unforgettable holiday.

St. Patty's Day – Cool Places To Celebrate the Green HolidayMunich
Germany shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to honoring the day of the Emerald Isle’s patron saint and favorite son. Streets are decorated in green and celebration has developed into a folk festival over the years. Go Munich! In addition, Munich Irish celebrate an anniversary this year, the 20th edition of the Munich St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

St. Patty's Day – Cool Places To Celebrate the Green HolidayFlorence
St Paddy’s Day in Florence is celebrated with all things Irish, yet it is not widely celebrated in the rest of Italy. It doesn’t seem like a typical destination to honor the patron saint of Ireland, but by and large, you’ll have an opportunity to have fun during the Irish Festival, enjoy live music and of course taste some Irish alcohol. Speaking of which, for those who are really interested in the ultimate Irish pub experience, it’s better to visit Finnegan’s, which claims to be the only Irish owned pub in Florence.

St. Patty's Day – Cool Places To Celebrate the Green HolidaySydney
If you are in Australia, you won’t find a better place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, than Sydney. Whether you definitely decided to get out and about on March 17, or you really believe in the luck of the Irish, there are plenty of options to honor St. Paddy’s Day in style here in Sydney. Pubs and bars stay open until the first lights so you can throw back a few drinks, enjoy some traditional Irish comfort food. Be sure and try the classic boiled dinner of Corned Beef Brisket with boiled potatoes and cabbage – now that’s a meal that sticks to your ribs! And lots of music served up to go along with the tasty food.

St. Patty's Day – Cool Places To Celebrate the Green HolidaySan Francisco
San Francisco hosts one of the biggest celebrations in the States. Partying options are endless here, especially on St. Paddy’s Day, so unlimited fun is guaranteed. Come on, this is San Francisco after all – a true party town if there ever was! And remember, you can always add a little magic to your St Patrick’s Day wearing some funny Leprechaun costume and maybe try your hand with a flute and see if you can scare away snakes like St. Patrick did.