Disgusting Fast Food Creations That Need To Take It Down A Notch

Everyone likes to give in to their indulgences once in a while – but sometimes, fast food restaurants take that craving they know we have, and take full advantage of it. Here are some of those revolting concoctions, and yes – they’re all unfortunately real.



1. Burger King’s Man n Cheetos
For everyone obsessed with cheese, this sounds like a great snack in theory. Unfortunately, the cheesy factor is apparently underwhelming, and the texture is described as “congealed.” No thanks. Keep our comfort foods separate please.

2. Taco Bell’s Cap’n Crunch Delights
These are pretty much just donut holes covered in Cap’n Crunch cereal and filled with a “creamy, sweet milk icing”. If fried dough and frosting seems like a breakfast choice you would make, we commend your level of sweet tooth. Sugar coma anyone?

3. Friendly’s Grilled Cheese Burger Melt
This impressive burger is sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches and clocks in at over 1,500 calories. Three sandwiches for the price of one, and the chance to win a heart attack. Cholesterol madness to be sure!!!



4. Sonic’s Chocolate Jalapeño Shake
Ok, chili and chocolate can sometimes be a cool mix, but let’s leave it to the Mexicans. Because this monstrosity deserves to never see the light of day again. Consumers even report finding full chunks of jalapeños in this nauseatingly spicy-sweet combo.

5. Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt
Another one for those dairy champs. Mozzarella sticks fried within a ton of cheese, and sandwiched between two slices of bread. Not sure when someone’s thought, “hey, this grilled cheese would taste better with more breaded cheese” but to each his own.

6. KFC Double Down
Anything where fried chicken substitutes bread in a sandwich is a fast food tragedy turned all the way up to 100. In case that’s not enough meat for you, they also offered bacon slices inside.



7. The Windows Whopper
This artery-clogger was created to commemorate the launch of Windows 7, and it’s so calorific and terrifying that we’re just happy this was a limited edition situation.

8. Applebee’s Quesadilla Burger
No idea why anyone would combine these two foods, featuring a ground beef “Mexi-ranch sauce” *cue vomit. Let’s keep these cuisines in their own world, especially if it’s being made in an Applebee’s.

9. 7 Eleven’s Loaded Doritos
If you are a fan of the Dorito taco shell, this might be up your alley. It is pretty much a nacho, inside out (sounds confusing but tasty). Nacho cheese coated in a Dorito shell. At 4am in a drunken haze this might actually sounds pretty good.



10. Burger King’s Black Squid Ink Burger
Not many of us were raised in a world where jet-black bread doesn’t mean *THROW THIS OUT IMMEDIATELY*. Luckily this baby is only colored with bamboo charcoal. Still, looks like the burger of death. And flavored with squid ink? Bizarre.

11. Wendy’s Japanese Lobster & Caviar Burger
The words lobster, caviar, and Wendy’s don’t really seem to go together. Why mix the world of luxurious cuisine with the cheap quality of fast food. Where on earth does Wendy’s even get that lobster and caviar. Sounds sketchy.

12. Chicken Charlie’s Krispy Kreme Burger
A burger sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme donuts is literally the definition of gluttony. Chicken Charlie’s might have the three patty heart-stopper but fast food joints all over have adopted this donut-as-bread method. We feel sick just seeing a photo of it



13. Carl Jr’s Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich
Carl Jr’s has made some questionable decisions, but serving up ice cream sandwiched between two Pop Tarts. It doesn’t look very exciting, and just the thought of biting into that sickly sweet layer of strawberry before you hit the ice cream. Would like to follow up with a gallon of water, please.

14. Pizza Hut Hot Dog Bites
Can’t decide between pizza and hot dog? You don’t have to with this obscenely American meal that combines the two. Now you never have to go to a party and steal those pigs in a blanket. Get your own pigs in a blanket, and a pizza to boot!