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DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces


DIY Thanksgiving CenterpiecesThanksgiving is usually a time when a whole family gathers around a table to have a meal and thinks about all the things they are thankful for. It’s a time for family stories, reminiscing and a LOT of food. But what’s a table without a centerpiece? In case you’re struggling to come up with a centerpiece idea, or perhaps you’re sick of the old one you always use, here are a few simple yet beautiful centerpiece ideas for you to chose from.

Pumpkin Centerpieces
1. Pumpkin CenterpiecesThey’re not just for Halloween and carving, you know? You can easily turn a pumpkin into a work of art that will look beautiful on your table. There are so many things you can do.
The easiest and quickest option is to just spray painting it gold. This will look festive and add some glam to your table. Not a fan of gold? Want something more simple? Then you could buy some acrylic paint and make them white for a rustic feel. You can then paint letters onto the pumpkins to make them spell out “thanks” for the occasion. If you have the time you can try sticking pretty leaves on a pumpkin for a more detailed look. You don’t even need to play around with real pumpkins if you don’t want to. You can just buy some plastic ones from a store (they’ll probably be on sale after Halloween) and arrange them however you want around the table.

Forest Themed Centerpieces
2. Forest Themed CenterpiecesYou’ll be surprised, but a beautiful centerpiece can be made out of things you can find in a forest, or, let’s be realistic, during a walk in the park. Pine cones make beautiful decorations, especially if you pair them up with some berries or colorful autumn leaves. You can spray paint them any colour you want too. But remember, before making a centerpiece out of pine cones bake them first, to get rid of any bugs that might be stuck inside. Another quick and easy thing you can do is take a branch, put it in a vase and hang a few acorns onto it. You can paint the acorns different colours to make it more festive and polished. Any plant can be made into a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece if you dry it and then spray paint it gold, so take a few flowers, leaves, branches, berries, arrange them how you want in a few vases or tall glasses and voila – a beautiful table setting is complete.

Autumnal flower and leaf arrangements
3. Autumnal flower and leaf arrangementsThis is probably the most obvious, easiest, yet the pretties idea. Fall is full of such vibrant warm colors it would be silly not to make use of them. All you need is a vase and some flowers or leaves, or both. The best flowers for these would be sunflowers, dahlias, spider mums, gerberas, daisies, chrysanthemums. You can combine them with oak branches and leaves, and colorful maple leaves. Let your imagination run wild and create the flower arrangements of your dreams.


Edible Centerpieces
4. Edible CenterpiecesWho said centerpieces can’t be edible? Fruits, vegetables and berries can look pretty and serve as a centerpiece too. But don’t stop yourself there, chocolates, sweets, cakes and everything you can think of baking can make a wonderful thanksgiving centerpiece. Plus, it’s edible, so you won’t have to think about what to do with it after the holiday is over, cause it’ll be gone. You can make good use of leftover Halloween candy by crafting them into turkey shapes or just arranging them in a beautiful, Thanksgiving themed design. Or you can go all out and bake some cupcakes and decorate them with chocolate leaves or chocolate turkeys.

5. CandlesCandle centerpieces will instantly make everything cozy and warm, they add brightness and an aura of mystery and magic to everything. You can just put a few tealights on the table or use huge scented candles. Or you can make your own candle centerpieces. Use mini-pumpkins as candle holders by cutting out a tiny bit at the top and putting a candle there. Empty wine bottles make wonderful candle holders, you can fill them up with grains and beans and stick a candle inside. Another great option is tying some dried oranges and cinnamon sticks to your candle – that will make your room smell heavenly.

These are just a few ideas for your thanksgiving centerpieces. I hope those will come in handy or maybe inspire you to create your own, original and even better ones. Have fun!