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Heart Shaped Food


Heart Shaped FoodIs it your anniversary as a couple? Perhaps it’s his birthday? Planning Valentine’s day in advance? Or maybe you just feel like being extra nice? Preparing heart shaped food is a great way of showing your affection for someone with more than just words. Rest assured every boyfriend will appreciate your efforts.
It’s not only dessert that can be made into hearts. Everyone’s seen heart shaped cookies, chocolates, cakes, heart decorated cupcakes and even jello – that’s easy, and can be readily bought in stores. That’s what they buy for us. But girls are creative. We can make anything into a heart. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack? Yes, all of these can come in a shape of a heart. Here are some ideas for you.



Heart Shaped Food - breakfastA Lovely Breakfast
What does your partner prefer? Cperes? Pancakes? Eggs and bacon? Or maybe waffles? All of these are easy to arrange.


For crepes and pancakes you can either use cookie cutters to shape them after you’re done frying them, or just put the mixture into a bottle, make a hole in the cap and squirt the mixture onto the pan in a shape of a lacy ruffle heart. To create heart shaped eggs you can either use special heart shaped egg fry rings or just take a piece of toast, cut out a heart in it using a cookie cutter, put in on the pan and fry the egg inside the toast. As for bacon, you can easily fold it into a heart shape and just fry it up. Heart shaped waffles are readily available in stores.



Heart Shaped Food - lunchHeart Shaped Lunch
An assortment of fruit and vegetables can also be cut into heart shapes. Sandwhiches can be cut out in a heart shape and if your man is a fan of paninis – that’s even easier, just cut it in half at an angle and a heart shaped panini is done. Even a Ceasar salad can be transformed with some heart shaped hard boiled eggs.




Heart Shaped Food - dinnerDinner with love
There’s many options for dinner. Heart shaped pasta, sushi, lasagna. Even pizza can be heart shaped, if you want to make it yourself , you can buy a heart shaped pizza form for the oven. Or if that’s too much, just use the cookie cutter to cut the pepperoni into little hearts.



Heart Shaped FoodSweet dessert
This is the easiest. There’s loads of readily available heart shaped dessert you can buy. But making them from scratch is even better. Cookies are obviously the easiest , just use a heart shaped cookie cutter. Pie is a bit more tricky, you’ll need a heart shaped pie tin for that. Cupcakes don’t even have to be heart shaped, you can just draw a heart with frosting. Same with cake.


heart shaped sushiRomantic sushi rolls
For fans of exotic cuisine we recommend trying heart shaped sushi. The task might look daunting but it’s actually surprisingly easy if you know this trick. You don’t have to make each individual piece – heart shaped. Just make normal sushi and flatten one side so instead of it’s usual shape it’s flat on one side and resembles a raindrop. Arrange them in pairs and voila – sushi hearts


So, ladies, put on you aprons and get to work. And don’t worry if something goes wrong and doesn’t look like a perfect heart shape as long as you cook it with a secret ingredient – love.