Insanely Over-Extravagant Desserts On IG That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

Sometimes, there are those days where nothing or nobody can cheer you up except a decadent pint of ice cream that you pour sprinkles and whipped cream on top off. And while that sometimes hits the spot, on some really bad Mondays, you need something a little more decadent. Something that’s more sensual than any lover’s touch… and that’s where these ridiculously extravagant desserts come in. You might have to work out for 12 straight hours to burn off, but they’re so worth it.



Peanut butter and Oreo lovers, you have come to the right place. This chocolate & PB food porn has an avalanche of mouthwatering toppings, and is definitely three layers or more. Would not be mad if someone threw this at my face.



This milkshake might cause a heart attack, but I also wouldn’t mind it being the cost. This cotton candy milkshake is jam-packed with gumballs, cotton candy, rock candy, and a jumbo lollipop. Hope you came with at least three people, because taking this monstrosity home doesn’t seem like an option.



This ridiculous ice cream concoction from Aqua S, a soft-serve spot in Australia, covers your hand and makes your ice cream float in a magical cotton candy cloud, topped with amazing additions like popcorn, and what looks like a potato chip shaped s’more. Can I just live in a room filled with this forever? Come to me, baby.


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Feeling like an ice cream sandwich? But what if that ice cream sandwich was just a little kangaroo baby, hiding inside it’s Krispy Kreme momma’s pouch? Yes, this is a double-layered donut/frosted cookie ice cream sandwich and loaded with marshmallow, M&Ms, cereal, oh and ice cream. Probably don’t wear a white dress when you eat this.



This person took the basic but still delicious nature of a fried Oreo and made it into a glorious masterpiece that is the Turducken of desserts. Looks like two fried Oreos stacked, layered with peanut butter, and fried inside a deliciously fudge brownie shell. BRB, gonna go eat a whole pan.

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Seriously think this is what falling in love with a dessert is. This massive cronut ice cream concoction is drenched in chocolate, flakey goodness, and brownie crumbles. And there is a casual chocolate-filled syringe that I can sensually pump into the center of this cronut beauty.

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How much can just a cookie swag itself out? This is how. You can barely see the crumbly base, and the surface is overwhelmed with at least 5 different kinds of candy bars. It’s like Halloween served on a cookie. This baby heated up would send tingles down our spine.



Too pretty to eat, almost. The lovely pink pearls and pastel scoops contrast gorgeously with the vibrant red velvet cone. We want to eat this messy stunner all in one bite. Mister Softee, step your game up, this guy is the younger and sexier version of you.



Looks like the owner of this beast is about to take a bit, byte we don’t know how. A triple layer fruity pebbles rice crispy ice cream bar? Looks seriously addictive. A love affair we don’t want to quit.

The choco taco that we see in grocery stores is a sad and thin excuse for an ice cream filled taco. Why create such a strange invention if you’re not going to go the full ten yards with it? Because this cutie was waiting to be made. Stuffed to the brim with what could be a full pint of ice cream, Oreos, and M&Ms, this revised choco taco makes us weak in the knees.



Step up your campfire classic with this stacked donut s’more. Ok, after one bite you might need to counterbalance with a full gallon of milk, but it’s the price for a lover so sweet. A massive donut makes for a mouthful of chunky half melted chocolate and oozing marshmallow goodness, with a crust way more satisfying than a measly graham

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The iconic birthday cake from Momofuko’s Milk Bar is already a cookie and rainbow-studded legend in NYC, and this six-tier version really takes the cake (sorry, had to.) I think I just found my future wedding cake, and am ready to sample it every day for the rest of my life.



Damn. Shawty you looking fine over there, with your water-colored intricately detailed self. Almost looks too good to eat, but who are we kidding. All buttercream and Food Network dreams fulfilled, give me a fork and the rest is history.