Is Fish Ice-Cream The Newest Food Craze?

While London was going crazy about ice cream being served up on a cloud, New York came up with a new wacky kind of ice cream – Taiyaki.
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Taiyaki is fish ice cream. Now, before you even have the chance to express your revolution to the idea let us explain. We’re not talking about ice cream made of fish, fish flavored ice cream or having some weird meal that combines both ice cream and fish. That would be disgusting. Taiyaki is just ice-cream that’s served in a fish shaped waffle cone. It looks pretty quirky yet tastes like your usual delicious ice cream.

It’s hard to say that NYC was first to come up with this concept. Fish shaped ice cream sandwiches have been sold on Korea for ages now. And it was probably Koreans that decided to go the extra mile and create an ice cream cone shaped like a fish to serve ice cream. But hey, Taiyaki became really popular in NYC now and New Yorkers are going crazy for it, actually queuing up to get their fish cone of ice cream.

Who knows how long this craze will last until someone comes up with an even more outrageous idea, but for now, if you’d like to try Taiyaki go on over to Chinatown/Little Italy, NYC and get yourself the finest soft serve ice cream in a fish cone.