Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches – The Newest Dessert Trend, And We’re All For It

Ice cream sandwiches are a summer necessity. Well, a year-wrong necessity. But especially delicious in the summer – that crunch against the soft and velvety cream before we doze off into a sugar-induced coma…and now we have been given the gift of macaron sandwiches. Because the pastry goods are great.

A macaron shell is one of the most fragile, delicately sweet and perfect shells ever, usually containing a thin layer of cream. Not these babies. Nope, macaron shells are blown up to a decadent size and filled with a hearty cylinder of ice cream.

Move over cronut, there’s a new bae in town and we are all crushing on it. This would probably be quite a messy situation to eat, but 100% worth it, am I right? That soft shell that already melts in your mouth, coated in an ice cream flavor of your choice…

And they’re stunning to look at. The lovely colorful pastel shades – they’re perfectly girly and always ready for a photo op. And we wish they existed when Sex and The City was still on air, because Carrie Bradshaw would look way better eating one of these than a Magnolia cupcake.

Different bakeries are jazzing up their ice cream macaron sandwiches with toppings and garnishes that make these sandwiches look like even more of a fantasy.

Some of them are square, like this dreamy Francois Payard version that we could probably shove in our mouth in one go (this looks twice the size of the other macarons on here and we’d have no shame having one all to ourselves.

They’re about 500 calories a pop, but middle finger to the haters and the clean eaters out there. Would rather eat a pyramid of these over a birthday cake any day.

We wonder what the next crazy ice cream sandwich trend will be. But until then, we’re fine with fantasizing about these luscious treats. They’ll probably only be around for a few more weeks so hurry up!