Mermaid Toast Is Viral On IG, And It’s Our Favorite Trend Yet

The mermaid/unicorn trends are really never-ending. But we’re still never able to stop clicking on them. The newest, shiniest mermaid trend on the block was thought up by a food stylist who first made unicorn toast and decided to go nautical with the theme. And since it’s hard to turn down anything sparkly and/or in a lovely pastel shade, we’ve got to admit that we’re suckers for it. How would you style your mermaid toast?



With stuff like unicorn frappaccinos coming out, we wonder if the trend of rainbow food will ever end. We can’t stop being mesmerized with whatever new concoction they come up with. The NY times featured Miami based food stylist and editor of The Body Book, Adeline Waugh, – and man, can she style the hell out of some mythical creature toast!



You may have heard of fairy toast, which is an Australian treat consisting of white bread spread with butter and coated with rainbow sprinkles, which stick to the spread. Well, Adeline makes this toast much prettier than that – which one will you recreate?

Adeline first thought up unicorn toast, and after playing around with some colors, was inspired to go mermaid themed. She’s all for being creative and “throwing caution to the wind”. We guess this means don’t be worried if your mermaid toast ends up looking more like suspicious moldy toast.

One can accomplish this toast art through not so elegant finger painting, or Adeline’s way (with a butter knife or a chopstick), using swooping movements to accomplish her dreamy swirls and ombres.

Unlike the horrifying unicorn fraps at Starbucks, Adeline’s toast art consists of natural dye, so you don’t have to worry about your health. Pink is achieved with beet juice, yellow and orange with turmeric, green with chlorophyll, and spirulina or freeze-fried blueberry powder for purples and blues.

We think the only time we would try to make this would have to involve a late Friday night and the consumption of at least three bottles of wine, but we’re open to the idea.

Basically, Adeline doesn’t think this toast is revolutionary or life-changing, but it is something pretty to look at while we watch the world descend into madness around us in 2017. Sometimes you just need something pretty and impractical. Fight war with mermaid toast!