Milk Train – Heavenly Ice-Cream Served Up On A Cloud

Ice-cream lovers all over the world would probably agree that summer is the season of ice-cream. There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than a delicious ice-cream. But I’m more than just an ice-cream lover, I’m an ice-cream fanatic, and I can tell you that there’s nothing better than ice-cream on any day of the year.milk-train-heavenly-ice-cream-served-up-on-a-cloud-01

For me, ice-cream is the best treat even in the dead of winter. There’s so many flavors of ice-cream out there. There’s the classic vanilla, the decadent chocolate ice-cream, strawberry ice-cream for those who like it fruity, the awesome combination of chocolate chip and mint for those who like their sweet treats yummy and refreshing.

Apart from that there’s also so many types of ice-cream. You can have in a cup with fruity or candy toppings, it can come drizzled with hot chocolate, there’s also those awesome ice-cream sandwiches that immediately bring me back to childhood, I hear you can even get deep fried ice-cream. But the most popular ice-cream is soft-serve. It’s such a classic. What could be better than a crispy cone and a soft-serve you ask? Well, how about a magical ice-cream served on a cloud. Sound incredible doesn’t it?

If you want to try ice-cream that looks like it’s just floating on a cloud you should definitely visit the Milk Train cafe in London. They came up with a great idea of serving ice-cream, engulfed in a cloud of cotton candy. You can choose from three flavors: vanilla, matcha and hojicha. They’re located in Covent Garden, London and even though they had a soft opening, they pretty much went viral right away. So if you want to taste their heavenly desserts be sure to check out their Instagram to see what flavors they’re serving today. They sometimes run out of certain flavors pretty quickly due to a huge demand of their visitors.