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Oscar Nominated Movie Destinations To Visit This Year


This year’s oscar nominated movies have pleasantly surprised us with their film sets.
Sure, some of them have used quite a bit of green screen, but that’s understandable.But the original locations for where these movies were set in are pretty awesome. We’ve looked over some of the most interesting and picturesque locations and decided to compose them into a list for easy access. Movie buffs – rejoice! Now you easily pick a movie location for your vacation.

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel - Palace Bristol, Karlovy Vary1. The Grand Budapest Hotel: Palace Bristol, Karlovy Vary
If you wish to experience the whimsical fairytale-like settings of The Grand Budapest Hotel Palace Bristol in Czech Republic is the place to go. The pastel-pink colour of the hotel is what caught the attention of the director and he was then further influenced by the architecture and settings of a few other hotels. Palace Bristol is a wonderful place for a vacation, not only do you get to feel like you’re in a Wes Anderson movie, but you can also get the most amazing and relaxing spa treatment there. This hotel is situated in Karlovy Vary, which is a very famous spa resort in Czech Republic, which means that you’re guaranteed a relaxing, stress free vacation. Another thing worth mentioning is that Palace Bristol often has discounts depending on how long you’re staying at the hotel and occasionally they will throw in a free day.

2. Selma - the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama2. Selma: the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama
For those who’ve seen Selma and have been inspired by the movie, the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama might be worth a visit. If you want to perhaps re-live or just visit a place that was an important landmark in history this is definitely a location to consider. This bridge isn’t just a film location, it’s a National Historical Landmark. This is where the conflict of Bloody SUnday happened. Yes, perhaps it’s not the happiest landmark, as it’s still named after Edmund Winston Pettus who was a U.S. Senator from Alabama and a Grand Dragon of the Alabama Ku Klux Klan. But this is history and no matter how awful and sad it was we should still remember it, not to repeat the same mistakes again.There’s two ways of seeing this – a sad reminder of a horrible time in the past, or a point from which things started to change. We’ve come far since that time, but we still have a long way to go, and the Edmund Pettus Bridge serves as a reminder for that.

3. Into the Woods - Marburg, Germany, a stop near  Fairy-Tale Road3. Into the Woods: Marburg, Germany, a stop near Fairy-Tale Road
Into the Woods is a fantastic movie, but as we know it’s based on fairy tales, so it’s set in a make-believe fairy land that we can only imagine. You’d think you can’t actually visit a fairy-tale, but you’d be wrong. In Germany, there’s a Fairy-Tale Road that stretches over the countryside and all Grimm’s Brothers fans are welcome to go on that road and see where it takes them. Maybe it’ll just be a road trip or maybe you’ll see something magical. For example there’s a castle in Marburg that is delightfully grimm, pun intended.

4. Wild: 2,650 miles long trail which stretches from the Mexican to Canadian border4. Wild: 2,650 miles long trail which stretches from the Mexican to Canadian borderThere’s no arguing about the fact that Wild is an inspiring movie and the story of Cheryl Strayed (portrayed by Reese Witherspoon) is definitely very appealing and thought provoking. What we’d like to concentrate on is the beautiful sights and locations on the trail that Cheryl Strayed took. However one doesn’t need to go on an incredibly long hike and walk more than a 1000 miles to see all that. For those who want to see these gorgeous sighs with their own eyes and experience the beauty of nature this trail from the Mexican to the Canadian boarder is always available. Summer would probably be the best time to go. Beware that in the southern part of the trail, summer months might be too hot for hiking, so perhaps opt for spring.


5. The Imitation Game- Bletchley Park, North of London5. The Imitation Game: Bletchley Park, North of London
It goes without saying that Benedict Cumberbatch is the most beautiful sight in this movie, but as there’s no way of visiting him, we’ll concentrate on more attainable locations. If you want to see Alan Turing’s amazing code breaking machine from The Imitation Game you should definitely visit Bletchley Park, North of London. There you can visit a museum that has a replica of this incredible machine and not only that. If you’re interested in code breaking and history, you’re in for a treat. This museum is all about code breaking in World War II , so you’re guaranteed to find all sorts of interesting stuff in this museum.

6. Birdman6. Birdman: Broadway, Manhattan, New York
Birdman is set in New York, to be more specific the heart of NY – Manhattan. There’s no place in the world that makes you feel more like you’re in a movie than this. Manhattan is a set for so many movies you’ll find yourself constantly seeing sights from Birdman and many other famous movies. Every way you go, every street corner you turn, you’re bound to see some movie location and feel like you’re a character from that movie. Broadway is street you literally can’t miss if you ever find yourself in Manhattan. It’s such an iconic location it’s difficult to pin down reasons to go there. So we’re not even going to try. Just go to New York, you won’t regret it.

7. Gone Girl7. Gone Girl: Cape Girardeau, Missouri
If you wish to visit the city of North Carthage from the movie Gone Girl, you should actually go to Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The movie was shot across more than 30 locations in this city and there’s city tours available that will take you across all of those and more. There’s actually free PDF tours available online that you can print. Those will not only take you to all the film locations, but will also tell you all about behind the scenes locations and actors favourite places to hang out. From what the actors have shared in interviews we know that they had a lovely time in Cape Girardeau, the people there are really hard-working and pleasant and you’re always welcome to visit this city.

8. Hobbit8. Hobbit: National Park Tongariro, New Zealand
New Zealand is pretty much the promised land for fans of the Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings for that matter. If you want to submerge yourself into the world of the Hobbit and travel across all those beautiful mountains and hills and fields you should definitely visit National Park Tongariro. Quite a lot of the journey of the Hobbit was filmed in various areas of this park. If you want to see the Lonely Mountain, that’s been featured in the Desolation of Smaug, there’s Mount Cook, that can be seen from the lake Pukaki. For those wanting to feel like a real Hobbit, you can actually visit Hobbiton. It’s been rebuilt as a small theme park near Matamata.