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Reasons Iceland Is the Most Wonderful Country to Visit This Year


Reasons Iceland Is the Most Wonderful Country to Visit This Year
Photo by Elizabeth Gadd

This otherworldly country doesn’t need any photo-shopping. Iceland is a place where you can experience the most surreal beauty on Earth. It’s a great destination which completes every bucket list. Its staggering landscape is pale in comparison to other locales. And there are some reasons to reinforce that statement. Honestly, where else can you find a desolate landscape of craters, volcanoes, fields of lava rock, glaciers and even hot springs? My answer is nowhere, hmm, except perhaps in Tolkien’s stories.



It’s a wild and magical place. It goes without saying that Tolkien was inspired by Iceland and its literature. Even the landscape of Middle-earth is Icelandic. Iceland should be the #1 place to visit for every Hobbit and LOTR header. I know that New Zealand may be the Hobbit’s setting, but believe me, Iceland is its soul. In fact, Icelanders think that trolls and elves probably exist. Bet, mystical power of this land’s natural beauty will make you think the same way.



The Blue Lagoon is known to be the most popular tourist attraction in Iceland. Ladies won’t be disappointed because it’s a true oasis of relaxation. Not only can you apply a therapeutic silica mud mask, visit a sauna and steam baths or enjoy the refreshing and healing power of a man-made waterfall but also experience the beauty of breathtaking panoramic views across the Blue Lagoon. The geothermal waters are full of silica and minerals, which can do wonders and help people with skin issues. It is simply an outdoor spa paradise every woman dreams to visit, where the water is 37-40°C (98-104°F) all year round.

Stand inside a waterfall. If your dream is to see a waterfall or even stand inside it, Iceland can make your wishes come true, waterfalls are everywhere throughout the country.



Go inside a volcano. Here you’ll get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get into a volcano’s magma chamber. How cool is that?



Whales. What can be more exciting than a whale watching tour? Iceland is one of the most popular whale watching destinations on earth. But don’t forget to take some warm clothes before your whale watching adventure starts. It does get cold out on the open sea.

The land of midnight sun. There’s nothing better than the never-ending light of a Nordic summer. Actually, the sun sets for only a short time each day. Who doesn’t want to visit the land of midnight sun?




The Northern Lights. Iceland is one of the best places to unveil the mystery of the Northern Lights. Trust me, hunting the aurora borealis from the ocean is an amazing experience you will never forget.



Cute Puffins. Icelandic children have been saving young puffins certain death for generations. It even became a special activity for the little ones. They just take lost puffins to the seashore and put them back into their natural habitat. Maybe that’s the reason why the world’s largest Atlantic Puffin colonies are found in Iceland – these lovely birds have been treated well here.

Honestly, it is the only traffic you’ll come across.I can’t remember any person who likes being stuck in a traffic jam. You know what? Icelanders don’t have such problems, rush hours are not common here. It’s another reason which makes a trip to Iceland even more appealing.



The friendliest country
Iceland is considered the world’s friendliest country and the land where the happiest people live. This place is so safe that there is a zero crime rate. Isn’t it reason enough to plan a perfect getaway and learn the Icelanders’ secret of happiness?



And last but not least reason – Iceland is actually Bjork’s Motherland. She was born and raised in Reykjavik. So, If you’re her real fan you should go to Iceland for sure!