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Shoes That Look Good Enough To Eat


I’ll be the first to admit – I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I’ll take salty over sweet any day of the week. Cakes don’t make me salivate and I can easily live without having any chocolate whatsoever. Sure, if someone presents me with a perfect piece of red velvet cake, a slice of cherry pie or a soft chocolate-chip cookie I won’t turn it down, but I rarely crave it. However I do have a certain weakness for admiring pretty desserts. I can stare at them for ages through the pane glass at a cafe or a bakery, I’ll even consider buying it, but then I remember that in my heart, I’m a savory kind of girl. So if you like me, just like the look of desserts, and not their taster, or even if you’ve got a sweet tooth these shoes will make you drool.


The shoe bakery was founded in 2013 and they specialize in making shoes and bags that look like confectionary masterpieces. Red velvet cake heels, cinnabun flats, rainbow cake wedges, they even have shoes that look like a perfect sundae ice-cream.What more could you want. There’s a shoes for every whimsy and any occasion. And their designer handbags are to die for. They look like magical fairy tale handbags that are made of waffles and have cake icing on the top. Recently they even came out with a unicorn cake looking one. It’s simply divine.


What’s even cooler, is that not only can you pick the best dessert shoes ever, but you can order a custom made one that will match your birthday cake, wedding cake or whatever special occasion you’re having. Basically girls, with Shoe Bakery you can have your cake and wear it too!



1. Are you seeing these? Aren’t they just incredible? Also perfect for both Christmas and St Patrick’s Day.



2. Ice Cream Sundaes all around. This is heaven.

3. You can even order a tiny custom pair for your baby to match you. How cute is that?



4. How realistic are these cinnamon bun shoes? Yumm!




5. Love hearts, perfect for Valentine’s Day or just a cute date.

6. Honestly, this is better than a cake. I’ll take a stack of ice-cream shoes over a cake.



7. These shoes are just delectable. It’s hard to resist and not bite the cherry off.

8. Mint chocolate-chip – my favorite ice cream flavor. And they’re flats, just what i prefer. It’s fate, it’s destiny, we belong together.



9. Doesn’t this make you want to get a pair?



10. Yummy cake purses. You can find matching handbags too!

11. These flats are so cute! And those cherries look so real!



12. Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas are these shoes.

13. Wedding vibes, anyone? Why not add a touch of whimsy to your special day?



14. I’m telling you these shoes and bags look good enough to eat.