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The Top 15 Horrible Yet Beautiful Spots On Our Planet


The Top 15 Horrible Yet  Beautiful Spots On Our PlanetThese charming abandoned towns and localities provide us with a unique opportunity to see how it might be- a world without people.
Ghost towns captured by vegetation, abandoned buildings and deserted streets. You won’t see people here. It’s a unique opportunity to see what this world would be like if we were not in it, if we were suddenly gone. Under all this dust, the rust and cracks are hidden stories of people who once lived here, those who prayed and those who did their daily chores.
Just try to imagine these people and their lives. Do you feel the emotional magic in the air and the painful nostalgia here? You get the impression that people recently gathered their belongings and walked away. On the other hand, it is interesting to see how some things that once belonged to the people have now returned to nature.

Sounds thrilling doesn’t it?!

1. The chemistry lab at the University [Belgium]
1. The chemistry lab at the University [Belgium]75 years ago the Val Benoit University in Belgium was thriving. But now the lecture halls are empty. The only sound you can hear is a ringing silence. Your memory conjures the smell of fresh chalk. Notes from the very last classes still remain on the desks. It’s eerie with the experience sending shivers spinning down your back.

2. Vintage Electric Streetcar Company depot [Pennsylvania, USA]
2. Vintage Electric Streetcar Company depot [Pennsylvania, USA]Street cars just waste away at the Vintage Electric Streetcar Company which was founded in 1986 to do restoration on these people-movers from the last century. Now this place looks more like a graveyard – a graveyard of rusty metal and riders who are no more. It feels like these cars watch over every step you take. So don’t forget to be calm and don’t disturb their precious peace.

3. The Kindergarten [Pripyat, Ukraine]
3. The Kindergarten [Pripyat, Ukraine]This spot is truly the most dramatic of all of the Ukrainian cities that was affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Forty hours after the explosion that ripped through the power plant the people of Pripyat City packed up and never returned. Today Pripyat and the zone around it is a “no-man’s-land”; a place no human should ever live and visit (if you must) for only short periods of time. Visitors do come and are transfixed at this place that once held life but now is a footnote to a horror that humanity must never repeat.

4. “El Hotel del Salto”[Colombia]
4. “El Hotel del Salto”[Colombia]The luxurious Hotel del Salto opened in 1928 to welcome wealthy travelers visiting the Tequendama Falls area. Situated just opposite to the waterfall and on the edge of the cliff, it provided a breathtaking view to its guests. During the next decades though, Bogotá river was contaminated and tourists gradually lost their interest to the area. The hotel finally closed down in the early 90’s and has been left abandoned ever since. The fact that many people in the past chose that spot to commit suicide, made others believe that the hotel is haunted.

5. Abandoned House [Namib Desert]
5. Abandoned House [Namib Desert]Just a few miles from Atlantic is located the ghost city Kolmanskop. It was abandoned near 60 years ago. It was a thriving town with a population close to 1,000 people. They were mostly the contract workers who mined diamonds. This town was full of champagne and other vestiges of the good life. Repeated sand storms made it difficult to live here.

6. Abandoned Hospital [Brownsville, Pennsylvania, USA]
6. Abandoned Hospital [Brownsville, Pennsylvania, USA]The hospital has been closed since 1974.Those waiting for surgery or a treatment usually numbered 30 persons per day. Now there are a lot of tourists who come hear every year to take a look at the place where their grandma or great grandma was born.

7. Abandoned Isle [Netherlands]
7. Abandoned Isle [Netherlands]This abandoned landscape suggests some kind of awe mixed with fear. You must agree, this photo gives off some mystical and apocalyptic feelings. This amazing memorial can be visited by curious travelers and new generations who want to see the place where their relatives were born.


8. Power Plant Cooling Tower [France]
8. Power Plant Cooling Tower [France]The plant was abandoned in 1995. The reminder to townsfolk and visitors alike are the cooling towers; ghostly sentinels from the past. Visitors are in awe of the variations of photo genius that can occur – so many angles and perspectives to enjoy the geometry of the towers.

9. Abandoned Church Vivary [Russia]

9. Abandoned Church Vivary [Russia]The church is hidden away in the forest. It’s absolutely impossible to locate it without a person who knows the area well. People say that a thousand tourists had been wandering the forest for hours before they reach the location. A special mystique is attached to the black halos round the holy faces. No one can explain this phenomenon.

10. Lee Plaza Hotel [Detroit]
10. Lee Plaza Hotel [Detroit]Designed by Charles Noble and built in 1929, the 15 story Lee Plaza represented another fine example of the Art Deco style that found its way into architecture during this time. In the early 20th century it was a fashionable lux hotel for the smart society. It was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1981 but ceased it operation as a residential complex for the elderly in 1990. From lux hotel to a footnote in the history books – it is still remembered and admired in Detroit.

11. Canteen [Pripyat, Ukraine]
11. Canteen [Pripyat, Ukraine]The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is a mysterious and mystical spot some might say scary. Looking at all the photos taken in and around Pripyat it’s impossible not to see the events of that terrible day when the people had to leave their peaceful life in what must have seemed like a second. Tourists always remark that the abandoned school and it’s canteen are a most dramatic and thoroughly creepy place.

12. Ghost Town Keelung [Taiwan]
12. Ghost Town Keelung [Taiwan]Taiwan is full of abandoned communities. This fascinating housing complex was built in 1980 when there was a huge building boom going on. It’s pretty exciting to see such a massive building in the centre of the town. By the way, this huge abandoned spot can be viewed from all ground points in the town.

13. Old Piano Tree [California]
13. Old Piano Tree [California]An amazing site! A tree grew through this old piano and no one knows why it happened or why it was allowed to occur in this nature spot.

14. The Gothic Theater [Detroit,USA]
14. The Gothic Theater [Detroit,USA]The theater was built by C. Howard Crane in 1928. It is built in a renaissance revival style and occupied the lower floors of an 18 story building. It was finally closed in 1974. This is yet another sad commentary on how Detroit has let its architectural heritage wither and decay.

15. Abandoned tram station [Sydney,Australia ]
15. Abandoned tram station [Sydney,Australia ]The old Sydney Tram Station dates back to the 1930’s but people of that era would be hard pressed to recognize this hair-raising, graffiti-covered place today! Sydney residents regularly organize protests against vandalism and the historical disrespect for this spot. No one’s sure what will happen to the station in the years ahead. In spite of its poor condition visitors are still welcome to station which is now classified as a museum of urban arts.