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This Is How Your Stomach Reacts When You Eat At McDonald’s… It’s Worse Than You Thought


burger-shmurgerThink about McDonald’s menu and your mouth starts to water. Crunchy, warm bread, juicy beef, spicy mustard…Yes, you want a bite of it right now, but STOP! First of all, you should know the whole truth. What happens to your stomach and your body after eating it for so long? Is McDonald’s just about tasty fast food or is it a slow killer? No exaggeration! Just facts. You deserve to know what you are eating. So, put that yummy cheeseburger away for a minute and learn what happens to your body when you eat at McDonald’s.



1. A Lot of Calories Harm Digestive System1. A Lot of Calories Harm Digestive SystemIt is not a secret to anyone that McDonald’s food is far from being balances and nutritious. It contains a lot of carbohydrates that results in an accumulation of calories. Eating fast food regularly leads to obesity, but that’s not the point. You may say – ‘I will go to the gym and burn off the calories’. But still the harm to the digestive system is inevitable. Your pancreas and liver work hard to process all the carbs, which may eventually cause digestive malfunctions. Plus, the extra calories from fast food are not used to release energy, and they accumulate in the body making your waist expand.



2. Increased Sugar Leads to Diabetes2. Increased Sugar Leads to DiabetesDid you know that at McDonald’s they add artificial sweeteners to food and especially their drinks? That can lead to the start of type 2 diabetes. Even if your pancreas resists the sugar overloads, sweetened food leads to weight gain which is one of the risk factors for diabetes.



Trans Fats Cause Heart DiseasesTrans Fats Cause Heart DiseasesTrans fats in fast food increase cholesterol in your organism.
McDonald’s food is fried with oil. Yes, that’s how your favorite French fries are made. But you should know that oil paired with hydrogen produces trans fats, which are considered the most deadly substance. Trans fats raise cholesterol levels. The American Heart Association warns that trans fat will increase the risk of a heart attack and stroke.




3. Food High in Sodium is Bad for Kidneys3. Food High in Sodium is Bad for KidneysJunk food usually contains lots of sodium or salt, as we commonly call it. Sodium is harmful as it retains water and leads to puffiness. Your kidneys start to work hard to remove it from your body. Your heart contributes to the process as well; therefore your blood pressure increases. The overdose of sodium in your body may eventually cause kidney stones, kidney disease, and, what is more – stomach cancer.



4. Spicy Food Causes Stomach Diseases and High Blood Pressure4. Spicy Food Causes Stomach Diseases and High Blood PressureFast food is finished with spicy sauces, ketchup, mustard and other sauces which are delicious, but… Spicy food increases your blood pressure and leads to hypertension. Scientists believe that hot and spicy food have damaging effects on the digestive tract. It raises the amount of stomach acid which may eventually lead to an ulcer.



5. Fast Food Affects Nervous System5. Fast Food Affects Nervous SystemInvestigations proved that people eating fast food are 51% more likely to suffer from depression. And that’s not surprising. Remember how you feel after eating fresh salad? Light and airy, though full of energy. And how about hamburger, especially in the afternoon? You will feel cumbersome bloated and unable to sleep. Eating fast food also causes problems like headaches and acne. You know how hard it is to be happy if you don’t look and feel well.



Now that you know about the harmful effects McDonald’s food has on your body, you are ready to see the video that proves EVERYTHING. It is worth a thousand words. You’ll be amazed to see the view from inside how your stomach and how your body reacts to a meal from McDonald’s: