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This Wedding Dress Cake Is Insanely Instricate And Looks Like An Actual Dress!


Many little girls dream of their future wedding dress – but we found something even better than that. This extravagant dress is actually made out of cake! See? We said it would be better. If there’s anything better than a supreme wedding dress, it’s one that you can eat.




There have been some rather impressive cake artists who have shown us some breathtaking pieces, but this cake by Emma Jayne Cake Design seriously takes the cake (sorry, had to).

The cake was inspired by a stunning real-life wedding dress, created by designer Mak Tumang. A very intricate piece of fashion and an equally intricate piece of cake! It’s really hard to decide which is more jaw-dropping.

We have no idea how Emma Jayne pulled off the identical folds, icing and floral arrangements on her masterpiece. She only revealed the usage of a “drageekiss”, which is a cake-decorating tool which helps with meticulous details. Ok, we still think magic was involved with this.

London, and the real designer stopped by. Both artists seem pretty happy with the results! Emma Jayne’s cake was the main highlight of the show,

Sorry, brides-to-be, the real dress isn’t up for purchase anymore, but we highly recommend hiring someone to make you the cake twin of it, because we think it will be just as satisfying. And if you have to walk down the aisle adorned in cake, so be it.

We also would like to see her enter one of the cake-baking shows that are all of our secret guilty pleasures. She would straight up own everyone on “Cake Boss” We’re bummed they didn’t show it being sliced, because we would like to know what exactly lies inside this mysterious concoction.