Top 12 Essentials Every Girl Needs While Traveling

Traveling can become one of the most powerful experiences of your life if done properly. One of the main things you really need to think through is what to take with you on a trip. Whether it’s a backpacking adventure or a vacation to a warm and sunny place, there are essentials you must have with you no matter what. And it’s a bit different for girls, isn’t it? While you don’t want to drag your whole closet with you, you still need to consider things like matching clothes, healthcare products, gadgets, chargers, and whole bunch of other things that you might need during your journey. Here we’ve gathered 12 essentials every girl needs while traveling



Travel Map app
Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, it’s always good to have that extra support in a city you’ve never been to before. Google Maps are great when you have Internet (you can also download maps offline now), and apps like MapsMe can work offline and use the GPS tracker to reveal your location. This way you’ll never get lost and will always know where you are!



Ear plugs and eye mask
Because sound sleep is so important! You might end up on a long flight or a bus ride, or simply stuck with snoring neighbors somewhere in a dorm – this is when small things like ear plugs and eye masks make all the difference. To make your sleep even more comfy go ahead and get yourself a nice blow-up pillow for those long bus rides that can take up to 24 hours.


A large pashmina scarf
Or any other warm scarf that doesn’t take up all the place in your backpack. Plane rides can be pretty cold at times as the AC is usually full on while you’re up in the sky. Long transitions between flights can also become quite chilly if you’re traveling Southeast Asian countries or any other exotic places. Having that little bit of extra warmth will protect your body and make your travel much more comfortable no matter where you go.



Headphone splitter
Whether you’re driving a scooter with a friend or simply want to watch a TV series with someone other than yourself, a headphone splitter is one of those things that will always come in handy.


We, ladies, love our gadgets just as everyone else, sometimes even more! Camera, Instagram, messenger and map apps can take a lot of battery life, leaving you with virtually nothing at the end of the day. That may be fine if you always have your hotel room nearby, but sometimes traveling takes us to places where it’s virtually impossible to charge your gadgets. You should also think about investing in one of those handy solar chargers that now come in small portable sizes.



Laundry bag
You really wouldn’t want to mix your dirty laundry with fresh wearable clothes. While this is common sense, we tend to forget about these small details and end up putting everything together in one big pile of less-than-fresh things. It’s also wise to use special packaging to separate your shoes, T-shirts, tank tops, and lingerie. That way you’ll always know what’s where and will have more control over your things.


Travel boiler
There’s nothing you can’t do with a travel boiler – tea, coffee, oatmeal for breakfast, and a bunch of other meals you can easily prepare without using a kitchen. All you need is a cup and electricity! Some guesthouses have kitchens, while others don’t or you have to pay extra to use them. This is when a small travel boiler comes in handy. You’ll be able to have you morning cup of tea or coffee no matter what!



A toiletries bag
Now that’s something no girl can survive without – a bag packed with your shower, makeup, and healthcare necessities like your fave shampoo, hair conditioner, shaving cream and that eyeliner you simply can’t live without. These bags come in all shapes and sizes and can even be compartmentalized into different areas, so you can create more order among your things.


Portable speaker
Whether you’re going on a vacation for a few weeks or plan on staying somewhere for a few months, it’s always good to have that little bit of extra gadgets with you for more comfort. Take a portable speaker like JBL or Xiaomi with you to be able to listen to music whenever you feel like sharing it or to create a special ambience at a party or simply in your room. You won’t believe how handy it is!



Healthy snacks
Eating healthy while traveling is not an easy task. Make sure you pack some granola bars, dried fruits, nuts, and nutrient rich cookies with you to always have something to munch on while your on a bus, train, or plane and there are not too many healthy option for you to have lunch or dinner.


Water bottle
You can’t underestimate the importance of keeping yourself hydrated at all times, especially if you’re visiting exotic countries with hotter climate. Water helps flush out toxins, relieves muscle pain and headache, and all in all makes you feel healthy and fit. Whenever you’re feeling peckish, try drinking water first as thirst often gets mistaken for hunger.



Fanny pack
You always need to think about safety and ways to carry your most precious belongings. Now there are all kinds of fanny packs from stylish and trendy ones to special durable ones you can use even while trekking high up in the mountains. You can wear them on your waist or across your chest, making sure that your passport, money, and valuable IDs are on you, safe, at all times.