Top 9 Valentine’s Day Getaways

Only a few weeks left until Valentine’s Day. It’s time to plan your romantic getaway. This is our suggested list of the 9 most romantic and lovely places you may want to go with your sweetheart.



Zermatt (Switzerland)
Zermatt is a perfect destination for those who love frosty weather, skiing, snowboarding, mountain hiking, also mulled wine and sweet talks in front of the fireplace. It’s one of the best places to experience idyllic atmosphere of Switzerland and enjoy the dazzling beauty of Alpine nature.



Prague (Czech Republic)
Prague is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. This city is romantic, beautiful, and its architecture is gorgeous. Its architectural ensembles are among the world’s most untouched and diverse, from Gothic, Rococo, Baroque and Renaissance to Art Nouveau, Cubist and Ultra-modern. Be sure to take your camera on the trip and get the most charming photo shoot with your lover. And don’t forget to taste the famous Czech beer.

Santorini (Greece)
Legend says Santorini is a part of the sunken mythical island of Atlantis. Probably that’s why there are no other words to describe this island other than fascinating and magical. Santorini is known for its spectacular views, picturesque beaches and immaculate white and blue domed houses.

Rome (Italy)
Whether you’re going to Rome for one day, one week or one month be ready to fall in love with this city. Every corner of this ancient city has its history. Rome is the world’s largest open-air museum. If you’re history lovers or fans of sightseeing know you’ve chosen the right place to go. In case you’re a lazy couple you can get relaxed in one of the numerous cafes and enjoy a cup of the most delicious coffee or a glass of heady wine.



Verona (Italy)
“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly.
Then your love would also change.”

– William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
Yes, you’re right, the most famous love story in history took place in Verona. There is nothing more to add. Except, remember that famous scene where Romeo climbed over Juliet’s balcony, she kissed him and they consummated their marriage. You actually can do the same, cause the ‘real’ version of Shakespeare’s fictional balcony can be found in Verona today, isn’t it awesome?!

New York (USA)
New York will seduce you and it will hardly leave you without an opinion of the place. It’s one of the most fascinating cities in the whole world. It’s a city of contrasts, it’s one of the biggest world’s centers for fashion, art, food, media and culture. You’ll never get bored in New York. It’s going to grab you whether it is full on daylight or you are out prowling at night. Like Sinatra sang: “It’s a hellava town!”

There is no such person in the world who wouldn’t want to go to Maldives at least once in their life. Especially for Valentine’s day. It’s easy to understand why. It’s a little piece of Paradise on Earth. Its beauty and magnificence will take your breath away. For now you can tickle your imagination by picturing crystal clear water, white powder sand, azure sky and lovely palm trees.



Venice (Italy)
Even those who hate clichés can’t resist the romantic atmosphere of Venice. Take a gondola ride to the accompaniment of a lovely serenade performed by the gondolier, kiss under the Bridge of Sights to be granted eternal love and bliss, have a marvelous dinner at one of the world-class seafood restaurants – this is just a small list of things you can do in Venice.

Paris (France)
You’ll never regret choosing Paris for your romantic trip. Paris is a city of love and pleasure! Everything is perfect in Paris from impressive architecture, amazing beauty of the Seine, the grandeur of the Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower, to haute cuisine, divine bakery goods, coffee and wine.