10 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love Flowers

Maybe the weather outside is dreary, maybe wedding season is coming up, or maybe you just need a dose of natural beauty in your day after sitting in an office for the entire day. These Instagrams by florists are completely dedicated to flowers, and are guaranteed to brighten your mood.



Erin Benzakein is a florist, farmer, teacher and writer based out of Washington State. She doesn’t jut include florals but season appropriate selections like pumpkins and majestic autumn trees. This feed is filled with vibrancy, but with a rustic sensibility that’s more farm inspired than curated and edited.



These guys aren’t farmers, but they are an Australian flower magazine, uniting communities of growers, stylist, florists and artists. These images are definitely curated, with a unique and stylish aesthetic. Their motto is that flowers are like chocolate – simply addictive. Who doesn’t want to flip through pages of vibrant florals instead of emaciated models?


This boutique floral studio in Brisbane, Australia is inspired by nature, but they also work on arrangements for editorial pieces, events, and weddings with their “transcending” work. We love the minimalist look mixed with clashing maximalist ones, scattered throughout their IG. It definitely adds an element of art in.



Brigitte Girling runs Moss and Stone, a floral design companies which focuses on a natural, romantic aesthetic which is totally seasonally appropriate. She also hosts flower workshops like “gather & grow dahlias” and “floral renaissance”. Looks are elegant and never overwhelming.


Melanie is a young entrepreneur and flower farmer who also happens to be a florist. Her floral design services are inspired by the changing seasons, and her background in art and horticulture combines for a truly creative and imaginative take on arrangement. Some neutrals make an appearance, but this page is filled with romantic clusters of bold, textured florals against lush backgrounds.



Niki Irving loves mountain fresh flowers at Flourish Flower Farm , and that’s clean in all of her shots, which are mostly shot outdoors. We get sneak peeks of wedding bouquets that she’s done, modelled in wedding garb, and sometimes get to see her two incredibly adorable dogs. Pups and flowers are the key to happiness, we’re sure.


Grace Rose Farm stands out due to it being a specialty rose nursery, specializing in garden roses. Accordingly, her pages are filled with gorgeous swirls of pink, cream, blushes and reds. Those who prefer neutrals and classic looks to more unusual and bright collections will find them a welcome addition to their feed.


Florist Simone Gooch’s work has something high end and editorial about it that infuses a chic, mysterious aspect into her work. She’s done everything in custom work from massive installation to hand delivered gestures. No wonder her look is so high end – her clients include Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Hermes, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Louboutin.



Jamie and Jed run their flower farm out located out of upstate New York and are giving us serious #floralrelationshipgoals. Their workshops range from cornucopias and holiday wreaths are fantastic for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Their closeups of sunset toned, color drenched flowers are what have us memorized. There are also some pup perks on this page with her adorable Golden Retriever.


The Flower Hat is one of the only male florist that we’ve seen, and the fact that he’s a babe makes it even more fascinating. These arrangements are huge and decadent, usually showcase by the florist himself holding a larger than life bouquet fit for a queen. Secretly hoping he’ll make us hi so we can co-own this floral kingdom.