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10 Biggest Bathroom Trends To Watch Out For in 2018


When you walk into a beautiful bathroom, there’s always a sense of awe. The bathroom is our sanctuary – it’s where we relax and let the weight of the day’s bustle and stress just melt away. See what the top sanctuary-making bathroom interior trends of 2018 are – which will you tackle?



1. Splash Of Color
Adding a splash of color to an otherwise neutral or subdued bathroom design is an attractive way to spruce up a space without too much decor. It’s drama, it’s luxury, and it provides an ultimately chic result with minimal effort.



2. Sunken Tub
Not all of us can afford this tub trend, but it’s making some serious waves in 2018. If you’re feeling extra this year, you can go for a slipper or bateau tub. Some people are even putting it in the middle of their bedrooms, which sounds kind of amazing, but also terrible if you have carpeting. If sunken isn’t possible, try raising the tub on a platform.

3. Matte Finish
We’re so used to glossy whites taking over a bathroom, but matte is the futuristic way to go. We do it to our cars and our manicures – why should our bathrooms be any less on point? It also hides fingermarks and makes for a striking aesthetic.




4. His and Hers Shower
Double sinks always make life a little easier when you’re a couple sharing a home, but to make things really next level, people are decking out their washrooms with his and her showers. A massive walk-in space with your own controls, shower-heads, and screens? Talk about a power couple.

5. High Tech Toilets
While people have been raving about Japanese toilets for years, this year, they’re in a lot of shopping carts, and the technology has us on the edge of our seats. From built-in deodorizers to air dryers, seat warners, and automatic lid openers, the features are endless. Some even have Bluetooth music players that turn on when the lid is open, and shuts off when you close it.



6. Brass and Copper Fixtures
This gives bathrooms a classic feel and are the perfect addition to an otherwise contemporary bathroom. They add warmth and dimension to any space – just a doorknob and a faucet can make a world of difference. Like matte, this will hide fingerprints, along with water-spots, and compliment a range of looks.

7. Stone Vessel Sinks
This rugged look acts as a centerpiece in almost any bathroom. While vessel sinks have always been a popular choice, the definitive 2018 look is hand-carved stone. With other stone or grey bricks accents, this provides an organic, earthy energy.

8. Metal Framed Shower
This innovative look is bound to land your bathroom in the pages of a glossy.



9. Heated Floors
Heating systems not only provide heat, but they can also reduce noise levels and possible allergic reactions since there are no air currents disturbing dust.

10. Indigo
Shades of blue are always a calming and welcome addition to any home. But this year, indigo specifically is making a comeback. It plays beautifully with lighter, contrasting blue shades, and is a moody, sexy alternative to black. Adding silver accents to this look is undeniably classy.