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10 Chic Clawfoot Bathtubs We Are Obsessed With


Bath time is the ultimate escape time for a lady – and the perfect tub is something we often fantasize about. There’s something about a free-standing, clawfoot tub that’s so romantic and reminds us of an older era. So we rounded up the coolest clawfoot tubs we could find, that are definitely going to serve as some amazing bathroom inspiration.



1. We love the play on pastels here, and feel like this is a shot straight out of Marie Antoinette’s bathroom! The twigs on the mantle against the pink walls and matching chair are absolutely divine. And a light yellow bathtub should be off-putting, but we adore it.



2. OMG. The rusty copper tub was tempting, but this gold-coated one with a slightly raised rim for ultimate R&R looks so sumptuous. Right next to the toasty heater, by candlelight and that dreamy landscape painted on the wall, we would want to hibernate in that tub all winter long.

3. For all the girly girls out there, there is a way to do hot pink without making it totally hideous. The perfect magenta hue paired with silver feet and a white inside give it a more balanced, elegant look than a Barbie-esque all pink look would, and we like it with that muted grey-lavender as well.

4. This color-washed turquoise bathroom is perfectly styled, and we’re super into the shade. Especially contrasted with that massive mirror that’s right next to the tub (why not bath and gaze at your gorgeous self in its full glory?) Shabby-chic magazine perfection, honestly.




5. This unique and regal purple bathroom is fit for a queen. The gold details are sublime, along with the double shower curtain that most claw-footed tubs don’t have the luxury of containing. Best of both worlds, and we adore the velvety hue of purple-indigo that the tile, tub, and stool are colored in. Also, forget exposed brick – that marble brick-style back wall? Those might be the tiles that are in heaven.

6. Wow. Rustic meets peach princess chic. Is this Gwyneth Paltrow’s guest bedroom? The dusty rose hue is so subtle and classic, we think even the boys wouldn’t mind this look. Also, we feel like taking a bath here would feel like putting on a play every night, with that dramatic double curtain, mantled entrance.

7. Wow! A metallic clawfoot tub is something we never thought we would see, but clearly everything exists out there, and this baby is very IG-worthy. From the factory-chic to the coppery, rusted look of the tub, we love this distinctive look paired with a clean white setting and a ton of plants. This might be the tub that we want at the top of our wish list.



8. We’re keeping it going with the plant theme, this time with wooden floors and a black clawfoot tub! A black tub does sound pretty weird, but a white inside saves it from being too creepy and making you feel like you’re swimming in dirt-water. The wooden plank on top makes the look even more refined.

9. This rustic bathroom somewhere in the snow-capped trees is a dream come true. We love the lights hanging above the free-standing tub, as well as the majestic, dark claws on the otherwise ivory tub with a staggering view. The fact that it’s standing on its own tile arrangement that matches the shower floor is so chic!