10 Items Every Woman Should Always Have In Her Kitchen

Whether you’re a chef in the making or just a beginner, there are things that will make your cooking life much easier no matter how experienced you are. We believe that by now you have most of the basic kitchen appliances, a hefty collection of spices to make your food more flavourful, a few of your own great recipes, but something is still lacking. Well, these things are just what you need to cook like a grown-up and present your food accordingly. Here are 10 items every woman should always have in her kitchen.



Mortar and pestle
If you’re into spices, you know that freshly ground spices are the best thing in the world. Whether you want aromatic cardamom for you morning cup of coffee or some spices for a hot flavourful masala, there’s nothing better than to take some whole spices and create your own mix by using mortar and pestle.



Worcestershire sauce
This sauce offers a truly peculiar taste, but you’ll be amazed by the change it brings to any dish. Add a few dashes of the sauce to any of your favourite foods from steak to fried rice or noodles – and that extra zing will make your meal absolutely mouth-watering.


Frozen fruits and veggies
Buy seasonal fruits and veggies, freeze them, and use whenever you need! This way you’ll have fresh berries in the middle of winter for a finger-licking tart and mushrooms all year round for that favourite mushroom soup of yours.



Carbon steel wok
If you like Asian food you know that you can’t prepare a decent portion of Thai veg noodles or Indian fried rice without a carbon steel wok. It does all the hard work for you and cooks in matter of minutes! Stir-frying is not the only thing you can do with it – smoke, braise, deep-fry or pan-fry your dishes. It’s a real gem of a kitchen tool!


Every coffee lover should have one of these in the kitchen. Cezve is a small pot made especially for brewing coffee. It originated in Turkey and comes in all sizes and materials. Once you tried a cup of freshly ground freshly brewed coffee in the morning, you wouldn’t want to drink it any other way!



Natural honey
Forget about the stuff from the supermarkets – go to the fresh produce market or find a local maker, just make sure it’s organic. Honey is packed with all kinds of nutrients. It’s also a natural sweetener and can be used instead of sugar or syrup in almost any recipe.


Oats are truly versatile and you’ll be surprised just how many things you can do with them. Starting from a simple nutritious breakfast and ending with a special organic oat milk, it’s an item that will always come in handy when you cook. You can even cook pancakes with oats!


Needless to say, nuts are amazing. You can add them to any recipe and turn it into a crunchy deliciousness packed with vitamins and all kinds of good stuff. Nuts are good for toppings, creating milk substitutes, and making your dishes more nutritious and filling.



Salt cellar
We use salt so much that it seems only natural to upgrade the whatever box you’re keeping it in to a nice stylish salt cellar. By now you probably know there are different types of salt and some have their own peculiar flavour that will make your dish truly stand out.


Baking stone
If you love pizza like we do, you’d rush to the nearest shop to buy yourself a nice baking stone. Everything cooked on a baking stone just tastes so much better! And it’s really hard to burn something when you’re using this simple tool.