10 Most Impressive House Ceiling Designs

Most people don’t really think about a ceiling as a big part of their interior design. Usually a space to house lighting and maybe some color to emphasize the rest of your room design. However, the best house designs use the ceiling as a continuation of design which complements and expands the atmosphere in the room. Let’s take a look at the list of the most impressive ceiling designs.



1. This glass ceiling design fully opens the world around you at the same time creating a cozy environment for a rainy day. The combination of stone and glass make it feel like a country house while wood and its triangular shape emotes the feeling of a wigwam. That’s the place you’d be happy to spend your cold winter evenings with a mug of mulled wine.



2. Having a tree in your house sounds like something you could only think of when you were a kid. Nevertheless, modern designs allow you to have one which will create a feel of a real magical forest. Combined with a glass ceiling and curved windows you will feel like you are part of a fairy tale.

3. This design will take you to the other side of reality. It seems to be a very simple way to make a ceiling a crucial part of a design. The light and lightly colored walls expand the room, while shapes on the ceiling invite you to open it like a wrapper. It’s definitely thinking out of the box.



4. The best way to create a soft environment is to use round shapes and soft lines. This ceiling resembles waves made of clouds creating the atmosphere of relaxation and freedom. On this rare occasion the combination of waves and dimmed dark colors creates a truly great interior.

5. Adding ceiling decorations can help to separate different zones in the house. This design uses wooden beams to add a feel of a country house with stylish modern lighting. The contrast between the light roof and dark wood directs even more attention to the interior.



6. This impressive ceiling is located in a church converted into a house. A designer has made a great job by preserving the original shapes and materials emphasizing the structure. In this house the sky really is the limit.

7. A great way to make your living/movie room better is to make a starlit ceiling. This way you can look into the stars any time of the day. You can use LED lights to create the necessary effect or simply use glow in the dark paint. This way you can not only add stars but also planets and comets.

8. Wood is an unusual material to use for a ceiling. It is usually used in cottages, however, adding it to a city flat can add a twist. Keeping the wood in its original form with minor polishing will add the desired effect.



9. If a glass window appears a little boring to you, try spicing it up with some patterns to get a great result. The mix of light and shadow makes a nice creative environment where your imagination wanders. This solution will be great for a home office or a home library.

10. Nature is your best friend decorate your house with nature in mind and you will feel peace of mind. Using unfinished wooden branches will make you feel like you are in a hut. Wood also can be used to separate the areas within the house.