10 Really Photogenic Plants You Should Have in Your Apartment

Everyone knows plant mom is the new cat mom. Turning your apartment into a beautiful garden, or a little piece of the jungle in the middle of a city is very popular now. It’s probably heavily influenced by the fact that most people are renting these days are not all landlords allow you to have pets. So we improvise, and instead of having 2 cats you get a whole bunch of plants. They’re easier to take care of, they don’t scratch the furniture, and they never mind when you snap pictures of them for your Instagram. In fact, that’s kind of why we get plants these days – because we see these awesome apartments with lots of plants on Instagram and we want the same aesthetic in our home. Well we’re here to help you out. Here’s a list of 10 really photogenic plants you should have in your apartment.



1. Ficus Elastica
It might sound fancy, but that’s just the proper botanical name for a rubber fig or rubber plant. These plants are a classic for most households because they look pretty, the big green leaves will look great on your Instagram. It’s pretty easy to take care of too, and it sure will brighten up the room.



2. Maranta
If you want to buy just one big plant – buy a maranta. It’s gonna grow outwards rather then up and fill out a big planting pot. It’s also got very bright green leaves with intricate designs, which is what you want for your photos, right?


3. Monstera adansonii
They call this plant the Swiss cheese vine, because the leaves have holes in them that are similar to those in cheese. It’s definitely a nice one to have in your apartment and it will be a pleasure to photograph. Just imagine how much fun you’ll have playing with light and the shadows this plant will cast.



4. Staghorn Fern
This is a very unique plant and it’ll require some work for sure, but the effect it’ll have is definitely worth it. Those leaves really do look like deer antlers, which will look hella cool on photos. But you do have to mount these plants on your wall, because in nature they actually grow on top of other plants and trees.


5. String of Pearls
The name of this plant speak for itself. It really does look like a string of pearls, or you know, maybe like a string of peas but still, you can’t deny it looks very interesting. These are perfect plants to put in hanging pots, so that when they grow the string of pearls can just hang down. Oh and here’s a nice bonus, when they bloom they smell like cinnamon.



6. Frizzle Sizzle
This is probably the funkiest looking plant you’ll ever see. It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie. Frizzle sizzle grows long stems that end in a tightly curled coil. Basically if you put it into a pot with a face on it, it’ll create a very interesting curly hairstyle for it.


7. Blue Echeveria
Who doesn’t like succulents, am I right? Just imagine how cute it will look in a teacup pot or as part of a little plant terrarium. It’s bluish rosettes look adorable in photos and in various corners and shelves of your apartment.


8. Burro or Lamb’s Tail
Here’s a unique looking succulent that grows these cute little green tails. Not only does it look great, but it also has a hilarious name – donkey’s tail. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want one in their house? Plus, it’s non toxic to cats and dogs, so if you have pets this is a safe bet.



9. Hens and Chickens
Another funny sounding succulent for your little windowsill garden. These are probably the most common succulents you see on Instagram and for good reason. They’re easy to take care of, they look cute and they are also non-toxic to pets.


10. Lavender
People are crazy about lavender these days. They travel for miles to take a picture in a lavender field, but you can easily grow this at home. Just put it in a big pot on a sunny spot and water generously but infrequently and you’ll have yourself a beautiful lavender plant.