11 Epic Ideas On How To Transform Old Things Into Something Awesome

When it comes to cleaning out all your old stuff, shedding the baggage can feel good. But it can also feel wasteful. Upcycling is the resourceful alternative to trashing your stuff – you can take things that are past there expiration date as is, and give them new life in stylish and surprising ways. Check out the best DIY upcycle hacks to inspire your own spring cleaning right now.



1. Old Bottles As Lampshades
Using old bottles as shades for pendant lamps is a great way to turn any place into an enchanted forest, immediately. A cheap DIY hack but an expensive-looking ambiance results. Try these all over your house.

2. Old Garden Rake As Wine Glass Holder
Was that old rake getting a little too rusty? If it was time for a new one, repaint the old one (or keep it boho-chic with a rusty and rustic look), convert it into this space-saving and chic wine rack. Hang your glasses upside down with this genius upcycle.

3. Old Tires As Chairs
Don’t throw out your old tires just yet! Make sure you clean them well first, but tires can be the most effective and comfy seats for outdoor or indoor. Creating this woven waffle print on the tire creates a cozy floor cushion effect with a little more support. They might not be the look for you, but you can make them fit your style by playing with the weaving style, or covering with fabric of your choice.



4. Bottle Caps as Tea Lights
Tealights are a great way to add some warmth to a room, especially when the weather is cooling down. Add a little personality to yours by using old bottle caps instead! This look is grungy but still elegant, and so easy to complete.

5. Forks As Hooks
You can really do this with any of your silverware, but we love the creative license taken on this fork-hook masterpiece. So much more unique than getting hooks from the dollar store to hang your coats on. This has a vintage look and you can play with bending to your heart’s desire to get different silhouettes.

6. Tennis Rackets As Mirrors
These almost look like giant hand mirrors, when the plating is done, and we absolutely love it. Painting the border of the racket gold or silver for a more faded antique look can brighten up a room. Try hanging a series of them on a wall for a mosaic mirror effect that will look like some fancy art. You just need to press adhesive onto a mirror back and press it onto the strings. What color will your custom border be?



7. Cheese Grater as Jewelry Holder
Especially if you paint this look a funky color, like this teal piece of art, a kitchen staple to shave your parmesan can be turned into a lovely and elegant earring holder. If you’re always looking for that rogue earring, this upcycle is the one for you. Can hold so many pairs! Jewelry fanatics, check this out ASAP.

8. Guitar Case As Vanity
Remember when you picked up guitar, and then decided you weren’t into it 4 months later? Well, that guitar case is still sitting around under your bed, and would make an absolutely gorgeous vanity (especially if you cover it in floral paper like this stylish gal has). This way, you can hold more than just your earrings – jewelry, nail polish and more can be stored in this DIY vanity/hanging closet.

9. Crutches As Bookshelf
We all have old crutches from some silly injury but now that you’re healed, you can use them for some other purpose! This triangular bookshelf frame looks modern, minimalist, and perfect with a plant near the peak. Looks amazing layered with some white slats that just out to the side, as this person has designed it.



10. Old Piano as Bookshelf
Not everyone has an old piano lying around, but sometimes one does, and sometimes you see a magnificent old piano on the street that you wonder, “what use would this have?” Well, it would have this use. And it’s a pretty damn good one. It creates a lovely silhouette for a bookshelf – there are natural shelves, and it adds massive character to a room.

11. Old Bottles As Vases
We love this Day of the Dead take on a painted bottle-vase. You can paint or mosaic on any empty bottle – play old with wine bottles and turn them into a magnificent mosaic bottle, or try other abstract designs like this lovely orange on teal flower print. What will your colorfully chic creation look like?