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11 Unique Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas


Looking for some alluring designs to make you holiday cheer decor a bit more festive? We have the solutions here. It’s possible to deck the halls without having your home look like an outdated Martha Stewart spread. But guests will still want to snap some shots for their IG and be jealous they didn’t think of these ideas first!



Copper Snowflakes
An elegant grown up take on snowflake decor, and we love it. They have a vintage feel and the copper tint is beautiful against the forest green of pine needles, and makes the metal texture feel a bit warmer and less stark.



Mercury Glass Mini Ornaments
Mercury glass ornaments can step up your decor and add a bit of shimmer without coming off as too tacky. Soft colors have a metallic finish , without looking too overwhelming and loud. Try tiny accent ornaments like acorns or chestnuts, or go bolder with bigger silhouettes and bright colors.

Pinecone Tree Topper
This is a unique, rustic take on the tree topper, and a great DIY option if you want to get the kids involved. You can make your own star out of cones, but it will still look organic with the woodsy aesthetic.




Artificial Snow Sprayed Pine Cones
Artificial snow is the ultimate Christmas decor add-on this year. Even if you don’t have pine cones, dusting your tree (ornament free or bedazzled up) will give it a really timeless, vintage feel.

Treat Filled Cornucopia
Hang these adorable and partially edible treatments from your tree and they’ll be a hit with kids and adults alike. A picturesque cornucopia cone (easily made, but can be bought) can be filled with treats of your choice. The best Instagrammable option is Ferrero Rocher chocolates.



Agate Ornaments
Yes, rich, vibrant geodes can dot your tree and everyone will be talking about the unique decor choice. Agate fills your deep green pine needles with luxurious and sleek purples and blues – edgier than jingle ornaments, but just as colorful!

Fake Christmas Tree (White)
Ok, this is a bit of a cheat because it’s not Christmas decor, but it is a trending Christmas alternative to a tree. Save the environment and the clean-up by opting for an artificial tree. The all-white ones are our favorite option, and the least tacky one.

DIY Deer Head Tree Topper
No, we’re not suggesting that you taxidermy a literal animal head and put it on your tree. This rustic re-interpretation can be done with twigs or branches, or carved out of wood. Will you plop a red nose on there?



Mini Snow Globes
These make adorable ornaments and are a perfect alternative to the bright metallic ornaments that classically cover a tree. Gentle globes filled with snow are way more picturesque, don’t you think?

Word Garlands and Glitter Advent Countdown
Did you think word garlands were reserved for embarrassing “Welcome Home” and “Happy Birthday” signs? Well, you can update that tired trend in an innovative way by hanging wooden words (painted or raw) that have words of Christmas cheer, or an advent calendar countdown for an unforgettable seasonal garland.