7 Ways to Add a Little (or A Lot) of Boho Style To Your Living Room

Boho gets a lot of bad rep for no good reason. It mainly comes from people misinterpreting what Boho style actually is, what it represents and where it even came from. So let’s first try to dig deep and get to the roots of Boho style, shall we? The term “boho” comes from the word ‘bohemian’ which is associated with an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people and with few permanent ties. Throughout history this word was used to describe artists, painters, writers or musicians, who in turn were generally quite poor and often lead a nomadic lifestyle, moving from city to city. This kind of lifestyle led to people collecting various items, mismatched pieces of furniture and other random keepsakes and mementos from their adventures and contributed to their homes looking quite interesting and what we now call bohemian. So how does one add some boho style to their living room? It’s actually quite easy.



1. Patterns
The easiest way to add some boho style to your living room is to add some patterns. Mix and match various colors and patterns, it’s all about being creative. And since we’re not concerned with matching colors or patterns you can grab some random throw pillows and that rug that’s on sale.



2. Books
Bohemian style is all about culture, and for that you need books. Display them on your bookshelves, in stacks around the room, with lots of magazines thrown on table tops. Why keep them hidden in closets gathering dust when they could serve as both entertainment and accessorize your living space.

3. Art
Nothing says “bohemian” more than having lots of art displayed around the room. Paintings, photographs, posters, anything and everything. Frame them, tape them to the wall, blue tack them, it doesn’t matter. A gallery wall without a particle theme is exactly what you’re going for. Every wall is a gallery wall.

4. Music
Music and musical instruments are a big part of that boho look. So if you collect vinyl records – proudly display them, you can even frame your favorite album covers. Old vinyl players add a lot of character to the room, so do musical instruments like guitars or pianos (if you play them of course).

5. Natural Materials
You know what else is very boho? Furniture made of wood, bamboo chairs, woven baskets, leather foot stools, hemp rugs, and other room decor made of natural materials. But don’t worry, not everything has to be made of natural materials, just use them as accent pieces.

6. Vintage Pieces
Flea markets are a godsend when you’re trying to make your living room look bohemian. I mean, those vintage tables and closets and even mismatched vintage chairs can be an absolute bargain, but they’ll make your living room look incredible!

7. Casual
The most important thing to remember when you’re trying to add a little boho style to your living space is to keep things casual. Don’t go overboard with vintage, don’t make it look too curated. Have some cheap Ikea furniture there too, some old tattered pieces. Your home has to look casual and lived in, but a little bit chic.