9 New Apartment Trends for 2019

Interior trends can be fickle. They change almost every year, sometimes a couple of times a year. When it comes to interior design you should pick something that you like, something that brings you joy and something that you think is cool. Don’t just blindly follow trends, because that way you might as well completely redo your apartment every year. Instead look at the trends and use them as inspiration, pick and choose things you like and forget about things that don’t appeal to you, no matter how trendy they are. Keeping that in mind we created for you this list of new apartment trends for 2019. Get inspired!



1. Matte Black
While most of us spent the majority of 2018 in shades of grey, the next year’s big trend in matte black. It’s new, it’s practical and most of all it looks pretty freaking cool. If you’re into that all black aesthetic, this is a great way to play with texture while keeping the color the same. It also looks awesome as an accent piece, so you can always incorporate a little magazine table in matte black if you’re not ready to let it take over your apartment.



2. Night Watch
This gorgeous green will also be very popular when it comes to interior design. The deep lush green is a great choice for an accent wall, or big pieces of furniture. It’s bold yet not bright which means it can blend in well with neutral colors. I like to think that it adds a little slytherin charm to your home.


3. Blush
When it comes to furniture colors – blush is basically the new neutral. It’s way more interesting then beige or light grey, but it’s also subtle enough to blend in with neutral color palettes while giving a distinct cool vibe to the apartment.


4. Metals
If you’re still thinking rosegold, you’re stuck in the past. It’s all about gold, brass and blackened metals. Interestingly enough they all work well with the colors mentioned above so definitely consider these metals when decorating and picking accent pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures or even faucets in the bathroom.



5. Curved Furniture
In the past couple of years, or shall we say decades, it’s been all about straight lines in furniture and it’s getting a bit predictable and boring. So 2019 throws us a fun curveball, or rather curved furniture is going to be very in, for the first time since the 60s.


6. Wood
If you’re into natural materials it’s your lucky year. Wood is going to be a big part of interior design in 2019. Whether you wanted a wooden table, a bookshelf made of light colored wood, hardwood floors or an entire set of kitchen cabinets in wood – do it. You can even do a whole accent wall made of wood.


7. Art Deco
Who knew art deco would make a comeback, but it’s happening. 2019 is giving you a chance to buy that scalloped armchair or couch you’ve dreamed about but thought it wasn’t trendy anymore. Don’t go overboard though, think art deco but polished.



8. Accent Ceiling
Accent walls are cool and all, but if you want to get truly creative and very trendy at the same time you should consider accent ceilings. Apparently this will be all the rage in 2019. Think about how many choice you have here. Geometric patterns, contrasting wallpaper, painted designs – either one of these on your ceiling will make a great statement.


9. Terrazzo
You might think of terrazzo simply as a good choice for museum floors, but it’s making its way to the top of interior design trends in 2019. Not you can not only get terrazzo floors, but terrazzo walls, lamps, tables, kitchen counters and even use it as a decorative print for your shower curtains.