Boho Chic Interior Design Ideas

The boho chic look is a broken down, vintage inspired but elegant look that’s growing in popularity. But it’s hard to find the line between shabby chic, and straight up shabby. So we compiled some bohemian design ideas that are sure to have your guests whispering in all the right ways.



1. The blue and white theme of this room is almost nautical, not quite. It is a chic mediterranean style that looks as though it’s on the tip of the most perfect Grecian island. The door frame and blue/white ombre is stunning against the blue accented furniture and flowers. Open and airy concept with hanging lights of different heights adding depth.



2. The different chairs and quirky teal table make for a vintage and worn-in look that gives a super cosy result. The color story should be strange but it’s actually appealing and uplifting, especially that white paper lantern lamp.

3. This decadent look appears as if it was taken straight out of Napolean’s lounging quarters. The bright, rich red hues of brocade and velvet are inspired by a much older era – although it anything but your grandmother’s furniture. The chaise lounge and fringe lamp adds a loud vibrancy to the space, and immense character.

4. Plants and a paper lamp hang from the ceiling in this bohemian, laid back design. It’s based around floor seating with eclectic cushions, and you’re at eye level with a lush garden. The green bounces off the warmer tones for a unique, Moroccan inspired look.



5. The hanging, ivy and willowy plants here fit so perfectly with that geometric smattering of frames on the wall. So many aspects to this room that give it depth, like the vintage rug against unexpected lavender hues, and a corner fire place. The old trunk as a coffee table is also a stylish and simple idea.

6. A modern and light take on the fabric heavy canopy bed. The sheets here are translucent and pinned up, with hanging fringe and a lovely lace detail. A brighter floral tapestry hangs on the wall behind. The addition of two simple sheets adds such feminine elegance to this room.

7. Boho chic at its finest – this looks like a designers home in Milan. The vintage furniture and cracked, off white walls contrast against the majestic but broken down chandelier and the sideways gold frame. Rusted chairs and a roughly finished wooden table add charm to this humble abode.



8. Usually, you think of a tropical paradise when you see a hammock. But this Parisian inspired apartment gives it a new meaning. With big, leafy plants, and a textured woven rug, the scalloped hammock hangs like an accent (that you can conveniently lounge in). The cluster of candles and a wall mirror add grown-up but inexpensive accents to a room.

9. This is a look for the more dramatic. Matching fur director chairs and a massive brass chandelier with a singular candle, all framed by blood red walls. The fuschia lounge couch in the forefront looks pretty cozy to curl up on, especially with the warm lighting from the lamps and red walls. If it’s not too “The Shining” for you, try this look out.