Chic Parisian Apartments That Will Give You The Ultimate Design Inspiraton

Sometimes when you’re looking for your next interior design inspiration to wash over you, things can get a little boring and repetitive if you’re looking in the wrong places. But with borrowing from Parisian style, it’s pretty hard to go wrong. These pads are ultra-chic and luxurious, designed with the utmost taste. And even if they are on the pricier side, finding DIY furniture once you have a concrete idea is not too daunting a task. After all, you can’t buy taste!



This living room has dreamy, velvety shades of midnight bluish grey, and the decor is impeccable. We love the color scheme and the arrangements, from the marbled painting to the strange spiked centerpiece decor, we absolutely adore it.

The minimalism of sleek, sharp lines in this room, along with the super trippy wavy wall make for some awesome juxtapositions in this room. Not to mention those amazing fluffy chairs. Seems like it would feel like sitting on a cloud.

Wow. We don’t know if this is a headboard, or build into the wall, but this is the most lavish bed and bedroom that we’ve seen in a long time. Can you count the pillows on the bed? I can’t. And I think it’s a good thing. The fan is also unusual and brings in a natural energy to the space.

The 18th century, Art Deco style of this apartment totally swags it out – the chaise lounger, the fireplace, and the statuesque pieces all seem to be inspired by the Palais Royal. We would love to transport ourselves back in time with this lovely apartment.

The white and silver theme in this space is like a breath of fresh air, and ever brunch aficionado’s dream come true. We love the central floral piece, along with the artfully places armchairs rather than a couch. The look is low-key, but screams elegance. Look at those lamp stands!

Wow. All red lovers, this is your dream room. This style might not be for everyone, but if your look is bold and unashamed, this incredibly designed apartment takes the cake. From various rugs to unconventional red dinner stools and a fascinating wicker hanging lamp, this place manages to look so expensive, yet perfectly curated to be cosy as can be.

Bedroom fantasies running rampant. This bed isn’t overly lavish at all and still looks like the comfiest thing in the world… also want to snuggle our toes in that rug. The oversized lightbulb lamps and open style armoire that looks like a bookshelf has us absolutely in love.

Living in an attic might not feel like the most romantic thing int he world, but these apartment owners sure made it desirable. We love the clear, round coffee table that doesn’t take over the room, and the minimal style with an uncentered, small dining table lets us focus on the awe-inspiring beam structure above – perfect den material!

This looks like a Vogue editor’s apartment. We love the cream pod chairs symmetrically closing each end of the cough, but the unusual and non-matching lights, as well as the startling black splattered canvas that takes over the room. The size of this mirror also makes us swoon. A neutral living room that manages to bring so much dimension with one palette.



This apartment simply screams Parisian shabby-chic. The tiger ru on the ground and the dreamy pink chaise lounger is every girl’s dream come true – this looks like a luscious bachelorette’s fantasy pad. Everything is styled so perfectly, and we love the standing floral arrangement.

Wow. That armoire looks straight out of a museum. This Asian-French fusion inspired loft is brought together by its Eastern wooden pieces, statues and art. It has an alluring sense of je ne sais quois. The couches and other pieces don’t scream brand new or overly decadent, but the place seems to carry a lived-in vibrancy that a lot of fancy apartments can’t manage to achieve.