Cozy Tips To Make Your Home Life More Hygge

As the nights start getting darker and coming earlier, there’s a secret to getting as cozy as possible and it’s called ’hygge’. It was originally perfected by Scandinavians; it’s not just an interior design aesthetic, but a mood of warmth and intimacy – a feeling of family and sitting by the fireside, sharing in conversation and snacks.



Hygge forces us to maintain some balance in our life and shed our busy work days to enjoy the little things. Statistics show that Scandinavians are consistently the happiest people on earth, and why not? Where there is warmth and relaxation, there is a happy society. We believe that hygge has the power to unite us internationally. Its not necessarily tied to a season, but as Scandinavia is known for having a bitter winter, its particularly useful in those regions and why shouldn’t we adopt it worldwide, when we’re cold to the bone!

To properly immerse yourself in hygge, revamping your wardrobe is the first step. No, you don’t need to buy a ton of new stuff. Just take out your coziest leggings, sweatpants, and wool socks that warm your soul. One of those extremely plush circle scarves will also probably do you some good. Anything knitted to up your loungewear game.

Hygge is a sheepskin rug, a pile of comfy blankets and a mug of hot cocoa as the winter wind whistles away outside. Scandinavians really do sheepskin the best, and investing in a blanket from iKEA isnt’ the worst idea! Lie on your sheepskin rug with family and build a blanket fort as you guys sip on marshmallow-filled Swiss Miss! Basic takeaway: blankets are key, and the more the better!



Hygge is a candle-lit room. Candles do add literal warmth to a room, but they also add a ton of cozy ambiance as opposed to a harsh lamp or ceiling light. Scandinavians and Danes specifically, consider candlelight to be a huge aspect of hygge. If you don’t have access to a fireplace, line your favorite room with candles and cuddle up with your favorite people and your favorite movie!

This year, hygge is all about different textures in the same room. But all of them should be supremely soft! Try combining a few faux fur throws with fluffy wool pieces and a chunky, luscious knits (Calvin Klein sheets and blankets are our favorite knits). We’re also loving uber-chunky macro knits.

Since the power of hygge comes from its power to unite. Make sure you’re with your loved ones! Bing around friends and family is a vital part of hygge – there’s no warmth if you’re just hanging out by yourself! You need the laughs and friendly chatter of everyone you care about in one room to really make the most of hygge. The best way to unite them? Host a brunch or work on your baking skills – nothing better than amazing aromas of vanilla and butter floating through a room! And who turns down a gathering that there’s food at?



But on the same note, don’t stress out and go full on Martha Stewart with an extravagant, expensive spread. Hygge is all about being laid-back and enjoying the simple things, so sit back and enjoy them! Don’t overdo it and have a nervous breakdown in your kitchen! A plate full of warm croissants and a simple pot of coffee can go a long way when you’re with the people you love.

What kind of monster doesn’t want some cozy hacks to make the freezing winter more tolerable? You’ve probably experienced hygge on Christmas morning, or in the early moments of the morning with your loved one, without even knowing it! People are always chasing the next fad, but we think that hygge is more than that. It’s a lifestyle that promotes true happiness, and it’s been working for centuries – so what are you waiting for?