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Family Room Ideas – Make Your House Feel Like Home


Family Room Ideas – Make Your House Feel Like HomeA proverb goes ‘A house is made of walls and beams, a home is made of love and dreams’. Your house will be a cozy place for you and your family if you fill it with your dreams, ideas, thoughts and creativity. The best place to start from is a family room. It’s a room where you all gather – one, two or even several generations, close friends or relatives. That’s a place where you can chat, party, celebrate special occasions or relax in a close circle. So designing your family room is an important and interesting task worth your attention. Here are several great ideas to help you feather your nest!



Family Room Ideas – Make Your House Feel Like Home1. Bright and Trendy
Bold colors and bright patterns is what can refresh your living room and make it look really stylish. Forget about the old fashioned rules! Mix, match, experiment, giving freedom to your fantasy. A peace of art can be a good addition to the ensemble.



Family Room Ideas – Make Your House Feel Like Home2. Getting Closer to Nature
Live plants, weaker furniture, wood decorations make your living room a perfect getaway from every day routine. A perfect option for such design is when the windows overlook the garden or park. However, even if the city rumbles behind the window, your living room will feel like a safe oasis for your rest and meditation.



Family Room Ideas – Make Your House Feel Like Home3. Keeping the Traditions
The fireplace creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Warm colors dispose to pleasant conversation. Soft and warm sofas and family pictures on the coffee table – that will always be associated with home, even in the era of Hi-Tech.




Family Room Ideas – Make Your House Feel Like Home4. White and Minimalistic
White color feels pure and clean. Nothing distracts your attention. So you can clear your mind and concentrate. Such room design is perfect for people who live under one roof but have different tastes and preferences. Minimalistic design has nothing peculiar and spare, so it makes it universal for everyone. Visually it adds space to your room. It is also more comfortable for cleaning. However, white room looks like canvas for kids, so if you don’t want to get mush drawings on walls, and turning your white into colorful – opt for a more appropriate room design.



Family Room Ideas – Make Your House Feel Like Home5. Handmade and Vintage
Surround yourself with pleasant details – souvenirs that will remind you about trios, photographs of your family, hand made stuff. This will personalize your room design, will make it peculiar and not boring. Make your room tell a story about you and your family, and fill each corner with some special trifles, that will help to create a special mood.



Family Room Ideas – Make Your House Feel Like Home6. Chic and Sophisticated

Demonstarate your bohemian artistic taste decorating a living room in shabby chic style. Such room design looks unconventional and refined. You may add colors or leave it in tender pastel. What really matters are accessories – bird cages, vintafe clocks, chandeliers, vases will look absolutely gorgeous here.


Family Room Ideas – Make Your House Feel Like Home7. A Bit of Orientalism
Oriental cultures attract the interest of the world today as they are filled with mystery and originality. Make your room a place for meditation using oriental decor. All you need is a comfortable sitting place, some oriental patterns for the furniture decoration, curtains and rags. Fill the air with odor of fragrant oils and you will feel the atmosphere of mysterious East right in your living room.



Family Room Ideas – Make Your House Feel Like Home8. Fresh and Airy
The most important thing here is a big window. Let the light into your room and make it feel easy to breathe. Glass coffee table would be a perfect match here. Use no more than 2 colors not to overload the room design. Green is a good option here as it is relaxing and fresh. However any other bright color combined with pastel or white will do. Beware of making it look too office-style. Choose a comfortable furniture, and add plants to make it feel homie.