11 Incredible And Creative Christmas Home Decor Ideas 

Christmas is coming, and it’s hard to get festive without doing all the cheesy traditional decor that comes along with it. Here are some elegant alternatives to give your home some holiday spice that are innovative and will provide stunning results.



1. It’s easy for red stockings hanging from the mantle to look cheesy or childish, but not with this elegant and grown-up version. Cashmere stockings dot the mantle instead, and above it is a simple white wreath with a bow. Up your game and purchase a few cashmere stockings!



2. This is so creative and simple, yet has a strong visual impact! Twigs are stick in different sized glasses and filled with uneven salt to mimic snow. For those who aren’t really into the Santa and reindeer themes – stark yet lovely for a mantle, table or bookshelf.

3. A normal-sized Christmas tree is so blase! These mini trees create a forest that is so much more contemporary and unique! Different colors and materials add complexity to this interesting look and we think it’s a must-try.



4. We love the placement of this Christmas tree on a cream-colored circle rug. The cream theme and table layout is festive, but not overwhelming, and an ornament on a place makes for a cute dinner party placeholder. We love the bare wreath centered in a mirror with mini trees on either side.

5. Coating standard holiday lights in glitter makes them not very standard at all – and all you need is a spoon and different colors of glitter! The result is a rainbow selection of glittery ornaments with a DIY twist that makes them much less generic. Try hanging them in your bathroom as lights.



6. Who says your chairs can’t get in on the festivities? For tall-backed chairs like this woven one, tie a simple bow and hang a wreath on the bow – try to stay monochromatic, like these DIY’ers did. Even your chairs can look like a present!

7. We are absolutely loving these romantic ceramic reindeers lined up in the enter of a vertical mirror, as well as the two mini pinecones shaped like trees, and two candles. Get duets of your favorite accessories and try the look.



8. Don’t throw out your corkscrews! You can repurpose them by spelling out letters, wreaths, and Christmas trees out of different colored corks for a versatile and cute Christmas decorations.

9. This corner is so simple yet thought out – bauble ornaments make a statement against wooden planks on a wall, and to the right in a broad and shallow wooden bowl. And an empty vase filled with gnarly twigs always makes for an artful alternative to a vase of flowers.



10. We love the styling of these tealights with wine glasses and these mini vases with floating water. Styling on the bottom end of wine glasses with mistletoe inside the upside down glass is clever and an unexpected twist. Floating tealights on water is the simplest way to chic serenity!

11. Red and white for the holidays is expected, why not with go with a blue-hued Christmas? The cool tone still implies winter but adds a more subtle pop. We love the hanging ornaments in front of the window and the repurposing of a cake display case into an ornament display case!