Space-Saving Garden Hacks For Small Spaces That Are Charming And Inventive

Everyone dreams of planting a luscious garden that can provide herbs, fruits, and veggies so that we never have to grocery shop again. But often, the space and resources for making that dream come true are easier said than done. They space-saving hacks will both add a magical charm to your garden, and add exponential space, utilizing vertical styles and more so that your whole herb garden can fit on the back of your door! Check out these chic hacks – you won’t regret it.



1. Hanging Fishbowl Garden
Ok, a little less crazy than the upside down hanging plants. But these plastic fish bowls make for perfectly chic terrariums! Never mind overpriced glass ones that could cause a dangerous mess on the floor – this inexpensive and easy alternative is way better.

2. Shoe Organizer Garden
Yes, very unconventional, but also super space saving. The canvas pockets make a natural and low-key design statement, and you can hang it on the door. You could have a whole shoe-organizer garden if you wanted to! The sun will have easy access, and you can even hang on a balcony railing.

3. Mason Jar Garden
Ok, maybe you might be sick of hearing about mason jars, but this hanging herb garden is straight-up adorable and will make you fall in love with them again. These asymmetrical jars held by pipe clamps and decorated with chalkboard paint look straight out of a magazine spread.

4. Skyplanter
This is a little out there, but if you’re looking for something on the edgy or contemporary side, this is definitely it. It also conserves water, purifies the air more, and is low maintenance. With something so stylish to look at and so many health benefits, how can you resist?

5. Repurposed Furniture Garden
You can make even more space by throwing out some old furniture…and planting fruits and veggies in them outside! Create a tiered look with each drawer coming out a little more than the one above, magically turning into a three-tiered container garden. Prop them up on bricks so heights stay even, and drill drainage holes for easy gardening.

6. Pallet Garden
An old pallet, something so plain on its own, is transformed when adorable terracotta pots are adorning them. They make the perfect wall covering for paint-chipped or dirty walls, and their vertical style also looks great propped up outside.

7. Ladder Garden
This ladder garden is a great, contemporary take on a tiered garden. The ladder has a clean look of layered window boxes, and the vertical nature allows you to pack in a lot to such a small space.

8. Chest Of Drawers Garden
Repurpose old dresser drawers with this visually magnificent set up that allows you to display different plants in different drawers, creating as eclectic a look as you’d like.

9. Teacup Favors
This is an adorably chic and surprisingly portable alternative to having a traditional garden. Vintage teacups might not pack the most plants into one space if you’re looking for a mega-condensed garden, but for herbs and the like, it’s a perfect addition to bookcases, window sils…you name it.

10. One-Pot Garden
Similar to a one-pot pasta meal – easy and efficient, with minimal clean up! This takes 5 pots out of the equation, and puts them into one. This one utilizes a galvanized water trough in which tomatoes, chili peppers, chives, and basil are grown. The look of multiple mysterious plants gives a lovely bouquet appearance.