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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Home


Every person and astrological sign are a different shaped snowflake, and as such, every personal taste according to that sign is unique. How does your personality and astrological sign represent itself through your home? We have some interior designs tips for each sign that we hope will help you out.



If you’re an Aries, keep it bright and airy! Big, floor to ceiling windows and sunshine-facing lighting will help you rejuvenate from your adventurous, fire sign life. Muddy colors will depress you, so brighten your house and your spirit up with small but uplifting sunny yellow or orange accents against a muted background.



Earthy tones complement this earth sign, as do luxurious materials. Fill your space with leafy plants to bring fresh air and good energy into your home. Spend your cash on a big, comfortable sofa and mattress that will keep your comfy and harmonious. The couch will also come in handy for your social gatherings, since you love to entertain. Color-wise, stick to pastel and emerald greens.

Geminis can be a little more eclectic with their home designs. Bright and adaptable layouts are the best, since you’re ever changing and evolving. Don’t put yourself in a box with one strong look. A large dining table will be perfect for your big social gatherings, and cheerful colors like light green and sky blue will do your soul good.



Water signs are known for keeping a focus on comfort and filling the house with sentimental trinkets and memories. A vintage, rustic inspired look is the way to go with this sign. So take advantage of family hand me downs and go crazy at the flea market. Why does one have to choose between comfort and style?

Leos like a royal pad fit for a king or queen. Go for bold, brilliants colors like rich reds and plum shades. Cozy but regal is the goal here – a working fireplace is your ultimate dream, as are the opulent but soft textures you choose, such as silk and velvet. High end furniture is the goal here, but if you can’t afford it, fake it till you make it with cheap imitation designs – no shame in that!




Virgos adore functional but pragmatic designs in their home. Instead of useless, expensive paintings, you may invest in a high-end lamp or desk that combines aesthetic beauty and function. Organization is key, here, so you don’t lead flashy colors or textures packing that out of balance. Bare-thread accents like a flat woven rug will pair well, with colors that help you keep your cool, such as soft greys and whites with gold, earthy accents.

Libra, you’re one with pretty refined tastes! We know what it’s like to have expensive taste but not be able to afford it. Luckily, you can find lovely feminine goods on the cheap, as well as interior aspects that represent your creativity like canvases, a piano, or an amazing speaker system. Watery materials like glass will help emphasize your airy nature.



A heavy dose of wanderlust is what will do a Sagittarius home good. Try spiritual accents with good juju, like a Tibetan floor cushion or Moroccan carpet. Bookshelves filled with wise philosophers and valuable literature. An indoor herb garden, perhaps. Your signs hates industrial perfection and fads, so your home is rough around the edges with wooden accents.

Capricorns are known for their good taste, so don’t fret too much. You’ll do well with clean lines and furniture that’s made with careful craftsmanship – no Ikea in this house! Stick with cherrywood armoire instead. If your budget allows, notes of marble and sandstone speak to this sign, and earthy color schemes will match the Capricorn’s down to earth nature.



The Aquarius is slightly more of a rebel than the rest. Futuristic tendencies mean that you like white tones with cool, blue accents and contemporary, reflective accents. If you’re going with a pattern, a geometric one is your best. Hardwood over rugs for sure. It won’t be super cozy, but cozy isn’t really your memo anyway.

This house is the equivalent of a therapists couch. It’s a highly intimate retreat. It should be coziness incarnate, so stock up on those silk sheets and sea or marine inspired color palettes to help you stay calm. Your abode is slightly sexy, and slightly feminine, filled with warm candles and an unbeatable ambiance, hinting at your spiritual side.



A Scorpio’s house is filled with mystery and soft, sensual undertones. Play with a sense of depths through color – mostly in the wine family. Candles will also do well in this home, as will decadent and sophisticated bookcases and curtains. This is a grown up house with a dose of fantasy.