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10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter


10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This WinterThe winter has come already. With the joy of skiing, sledding, snowball fights and lots of beautiful winter scenery the epidemics of flu have come. Everyone knows that to resist cold you have to strengthen your immune system. We gathered the best tips that are easy to follow on how not to get sick this winter.

10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter1. Spices fight bacteria
Many experts have come to the conclusion that spices have a good effect on the body and help it to fight bacteria. Well, of course, in reasonable quantities. For those who are already ill, they help to recover sooner. The most effective spices in this occasion – are curry, ginger, cinnamon and mint. Curry helps to fight with a cough and runny nose; ginger tea is very useful. It aids in relieving headaches as well as flu and cold symptoms by helping you sweat; cinnamon helps as an anti-inflammatory in addition to being a warming spice; mint aids a sore throat and helps to open up nasal passages. Other spices like peppers, cardamom, fennel and cloves can be useful too.

10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter2. Give up sweets and fast food
You know that these products are not very useful for your figure, but did you know that they also reduce your body’s resistance? The thing is that candies, cakes, ice cream and other favorite sweets raise blood sugar levels, and this reduces immunity. Should we say that instead we should give priority to vegetables and fruits, as well as healthy food? Don’t forget – an apple a day keeps doctors away!

10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter3. No diets!
Longing for the great body we forget about our health. Keeping fit is a perfect way to aid in staying healthy. So-called fast diets weaken your immune system. During winter season it’s better to do a sports activity than to starve and torture yourself with diets. Looking good and being healthy are not always synonymous. Always opt for being healthy.

10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter4. Half an hour a day of relaxation removes stress
It is known that infection occurs faster and penetrates the body more easily if we are stressed. That’s why you should pay attention to your psychological as well as your physical health. Meditation will help to calm the nervous system after a busy day. It makes the body calm the nerves from the inside and get you to a point where you are fully relaxed. It’s been proven that those who meditate at least half an hour a day are much less likely to suffer from headaches, hypertension and colds.

10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter5. Washing your hands is a good habit
Take time once again to wash your hands with soap and water. Try to avoid public places during the sickly colds and flu season. If you are unable to do that, never touch public things like handholds, doors, pens etc. Avoid also shaking hands, kisses and hugs with people who may be sick. Some would say it is better to be rude than ill.


10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter6. Flu fears essential oils
Unfortunately people despite their illness tend to go to work, go shopping and travel on public transport, so you are always in the danger zone. There is one secret that can guard you from illness – essential oils. You should always carry a handkerchief and a bottle of essential oil – lavender, fir, or any citrus kind. They all are able to kill germs. Simply drip a few drops on a handkerchief and breathe through it a bit. Voila – you are safe!

10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter7. Regular fresh air
Try to go for a walk at least half an hour a day. This will saturate the cells of the body with oxygen strengthen your nervous system, improve mood and help you to sleep well. Physical activity is necessary, but the main sport during winter is walking, especially when it is frosty outside. Remember – you’ll never recover quickly just lying on your couch under a number of blankets! Ventilation is necessary to make bacteria go away and fill your lungs with air.

10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter8. Give up nasty habits
To make the body more resistant to different viruses, say no to smoking and alcohol. Sleep well also – lack of sleep weakens the immune system. Sleep not less than 7-9 hours a day in winter.

10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter9. Challenge yourself
Setting goals and making deadlines work to your advantage. Challenging yourself will provide a health boost as you get into the condition of hyperalertness. In this condition our bodies tend to guard themselves against enemies.

10 Easy Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter10. Smile and Laugh. Be with people you love
Smiling and laughter send your body signals that you’re happy and satisfied, and this has a positive effect on mood and the immune system. Establish friend and love relationships – it improves physical and mental health. Studies have shown that single people’s immunity is weaker than that of those who have closer ties with friends and loved ones.