10 Gadgets Every Parent Needs to Know About

10 Gadgets Every Parent Needs to Know AboutBeing a new mom has always been stressful. But these days it is so much easier! New technologies let us become supermoms and superdads dealing with all the parents’ and non-parents’ stuff.

Planning to have a baby? Or looking for some great gift ideas for new parents? Create a checklist of really useful gadgets before the baby arrives. Some of them are the next level of geniusness!
1. Bike stroller1. Bike stroller
Think your active lifestyle is over once you have a new baby? Check out number one gadget for active parents. This stroller allows you to enjoy the rides through the city with your kids and turn it into an exciting family adventure. There are different kinds of a stroller: a simple stroller that transforms into a carrier bicycle, a stroller that you can attach to your bike, double strollers (for two kids), multisport, lightweight and more.
Also, you can modify it buying some extra stuff to attach, like consoles, travel bags etc.

2. Smart baby monitor2. Smart baby monitor
Excellent device for you Apple or Android gadget! You can watch over your baby in high-resolution video day and night. Some of them have a high-quality night-vision. Sing lullabies to your sweetheart and he will listen to it! This baby monitor is so simple, anyone can handle it. Connect it over Wi-Fi, and via the free app, stream video of your kid from anywhere you can get an internet connection.

3. A bathtub divider3. A bathtub divider
Now you don’t need a new baby tub. Save a few gallons of water and extra money using this simple but genius gadget. This divider will minimize the space of your bathtub making your baby’s bathtime safer. The divider will keep in the place you installed it and the water won’t spill. Let your kid enjoy his own bath and have fun!

4. Vibrating mattress pad4. Vibrating mattress pad
Tired of sleepless nights? Put the pad under your baby’s mattress and it will give some relaxing some soothing vibrations. You can choose different speeds and set a timer (depends on a model of the pad). When travelling by car, put it in the car seat and go for a long drive. No more troubles getting your little one to sleep without holding him.

5. Pacifier thermometer5. Pacifier thermometer
A must-have gadget for parents, who are having troubles measuring body temperature of a baby. The pacifier will beep right after the readings are complete, indicating the current temperature. And the important thing: the gadget is safe for you kid.

6. Water bottle cap adapter6. Water bottle cap adapter
Tired of carrying enormous amount of baby bottles? This adapter will solve the problem! You can attach it to almost any disposable water bottle, transforming it into a baby bottle. It will surely come in handy every time your baby is thirsty. By the way, it is budget-friendly.

7. Bedside crib7. Bedside crib
Smart mothers and fathers should have this one. Sleeping with your baby next to you in bed is always unsafe, so you definitely need this co-sleeper. With this crib you will be able to relax and not leave your bed every hour to figure out if everything is OK with your sweetie or for a breastfeeding.

8. Sound machine8. Sound machine
Sleep is an important part of your baby’s growth and you should help him to sleep well. Here is an amazing sound machine that provides a soothing sound that is safe and healthy for your child. Pick the melody you like and set the timer. Your little one will love it!

9. Self-warming feeding bottle9. Self-warming feeding bottle
This bottle is really easy to use and it can heat milk in just 5 minutes on the go! You will be able to forget about regular trips to the kitchen in the middle of the night. If you consider yourself a stylish mom, there are many color and design options for you to choose from.

10. Diaper pail10. Diaper pail
Changing diapers is every parent’s part of a routine. Did you know babies use about 3000 diapers in their first year? That’s a large number, right? Every time you change it, there is a need to put a dirty one in the trash can. Are you ready for such thousands of trips? There is a better way! Modern parents use specially designed diaper pail. The pail minimizes the amount of stinky smell of old diapers and saves you time.